Healthy Bones Panel

Healthy Bones Panel

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  • Includes: Acid, Calcium, 25-Oh Vitamin D parameters
  • Specifically designed:  Renal Acid, Phosphorus, Alkaline Phosphatase etc
  • Additionally covers: Cardiac follicle stimulating hormone, and DHEA
  • Ideal for adults aged 30 to 64
  • Free home sample collection
  • On-call Expertise consultation available.

Why test for Healthy Bones Panel

Healthy Bones Panel includes test parameters like Uric Acid, Phosphorus, Alkaline Phosphatase, Calcium, 25-Oh Vitamin D. The test is done to analyze repetitive issues seen among all age gatherings, essentially happening because of the work area bound way of life, corpulence, innate or abnormal dietary characteristics. The Package contains entire Healthy Bones Panel Checkup  consequently, one can change day by day schedules and resources by understanding their Healthy Bones Panel test reports. 

Klinicapp, India’s best health test at-home service provider, framing a new benchmark for its high caliber and honest monetary value. Klinicapp employs around every state of India and connects with excellent networks of diagnostic labs, assuring high quality testing and report collection. The pack is pocket friendly and saves time as well where as each individual has a privilege to look great, yet why just with external appearance, for what reason not feel solid and impeccable in the meantime. This Healthy Bones Panel by Klinicapp gives a total wellbeing checkup; the reports from the test will give you a chance to comprehend the status of pointers in charge of your medical issues. The Healthy Bones Panel test covers parameters which assess the purposes for saliva—progesterone, estradiol, testosterone, cortisol, follicle stimulating hormone, and DHEA.

Everybody is confronting medical issues because of their inactive way of life, with no time taking, we, for the most part overlook the indications, subsequently with no wastage of time, this preventive entire Healthy Bones Panel Checkup will give you a chance to comprehend and distinguish the real causes and reasons of surprising physical changes in your body.

The check-up is done against the diseases related to, estradiol, testosterone, cortisol, follicle stimulating hormone, and DHEA, as well as those related to Acid, Phosphorus, Alkaline Phosphatase, Calcium, 25-Oh Vitamin D will be tested accordingly. The package is price effective, which is worth Booking.

At Klinicapp, Our Mission isn't simply limited to give the best quality social insurance benefits yet additionally to make those administrations more reasonable generally yet is the advantage of medicinal services administrations if those are not inside the reach of each person.

That is the reason We Provide "Best Quality @ Best Price " Guarantee.

Healthy Bones Panel test intends to know the itemized status of your inward wellbeing. It helps in identifying numerous sorts of bone ailment which can be unsafe if goes undetected for a longer time.

Preventive Healthy Bones Panel is the proactive methodology that aides in early identification of numerous sorts of hazard components and illnesses. Our Healthy Bones Panel checkup bundles cover every one of the tests prescribed by wellbeing specialists to know our nitty gritty inside bone wellbeing status.

You make look nice looking/beautiful from outside yet have you at any point endeavored to know the back to front? Call us NOW!

With one simple click, you can book your test with us. Book the bundle online by clicking "Book Now" or you can straightforwardly call us on number provide on our website and phone application and then doorstep test administrations are given, the sample gathering method will be arranged for you, the moment you interface with us. Your worry, is our priority, subsequently best and prepared Phlebotomists visit early in the day, to gather the samples, later the samples are sent to the best diagnostic center, to get the best outcomes, close to your neighborhood, as our obligation is to furnish you reports with higher authenticity. To understand your reports in a better way, Klinicapp also provides a facility where on-call doctors and the dietitian's consultation are available for you. Take healthy steps with us.

05Parameters included in Healthy Bones Panel