List of health checkup

Why choose KlinicApp’s Health Checkup?

Health is the best blessing one can have and when it comes to maintaining a good health, health package and health checks are the tools which can help you keep a good health. In todays fast paced life it is extremely difficult to maintain a good lifestyle comprising of healthy food habits, regular exercise and a good night sleep. This leads to a lot of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, depression and many other problems. Also with our busy schedules and commitments doctor visits takes backseat and we only deal with health issue which become big enough to hinder with our daily activities. We are also not sure where to start and take stock of situation, we don’t know which test to go for and where to get them done. Heath checkup or health package is a good way to solve this problem. They have broader test areas which with cover your heart, kidney, liver, blood, thyroid etc. These are vital parapets that one should be monitoring.
A full body health checkup helps in identifying if any organ needs attention because of the parameters being out of range. You can take these reports and schedule your visit with your doctor. They will advice further course of action. Also in some situations or in case of certain life style disease it is important to get certain tests done regularly. Some common disorders like hypertension, thyroid disorder, kidney related issues test like lipid profile, thyroid profile or healthy heart package is routinely done. Health package can also be specific to certain condition like diabetes package is a health checkup which anybody who has a family history of diabetes or is having diabetes should do regularly to manage diabetes. Similarly anybody who has hypertension or heart related problem should get healthy heart heath package regularly at an interval of 6 month to 1 year to keep a close watch on their health. At the end of the day what you measure is what you manage and full body health check definitely helps in managing your health. KlinicApp brings a plethora of health packages covering diverse needs to you. We do all these health checkups at a very reasonable price and offer free home sample collection.