Diabetes Screening

Diabetes Screening

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  • Specifically designed: Post Prandial Sugar or HbA1C
  • Includes: Fasting Blood Sugar, high blood pressure, heart parameters
  • Additionally covers: cholesterol, liver, kidney, heart etc
  • Ideal for adults aged 45 to 64
  • Free sample collection


Diabetes Screening package covers 3 main parameters to diagnose prediabetes, diabetes (type 1 diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes) and gestational diabetes. It includes test parameters like HbA1C, Post Prandial Sugar, Fasting Blood Sugar. The test is done to diagnose widespread tribulations faced by an individual. Diabetes screening tests is a superior pre-emptive technique for catching the growth of diabetes at an early stage.

Diabetes is nowadays occurring due to inappropriate food, lifestyle, obesity, hereditary or unusual dietary peculiarities.  In diabetes, the body stops producing insulin or does not produce properly according to the need of the body. Hence this package helps you to understand diabetes and also how to prevent it.  

Diabetes is related to cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity, as well as those related to Hba1C.  Opting for this comprehensive package will help you understand your overall diabetes control, effectively for the last three months. 

When one suffers from Diabetes, insulin plays a vital role in degrading one's health condition. The insulin hormone is considered to be one of the powerful hormones in the human body. It is responsible for keeping the blood sugar level in a normal range. Insulin also aids in the absorption of sugar into the body from carbohydrates found in the consumed food for later use as energy or stored as glucose for future usage. Carbohydrates generally break down into the formation of glucose and simple sugars.  Too High or too low levels of insulin prove harmful for the body as well. An increase in level of insulin can lead to a fall in blood sugar levels. Hence, insulin and glucose blood levels always need to be in balance. 

It is also recommended for pregnant women to diagnose if they are suffering from gestational diabetes. There might be chances of pregnancy complications due to gestational diabetes. The test will be prescribed to you at your earlier stage of pregnancy if you are experiencing symptoms of diabetes. It also helps to detect if you are suffering from diabetes even before you are pregnant.  When a pregnant woman suffers from high blood glucose level, it raises concern for both the mother and the baby.  It might affect the health of the baby with long term problems.  

Also, at times, few diseases are not shown in the early symptoms. This requires proper screening of the medical diagnosis of the full body to detect the actual cause and the disease. 

Preventive health check-ups help to encounter an early diagnosis of any type of illness or risk factors. This health check-up is designed with a set of comprehensive tests to check the parameters responsible for underlying diseases or any health issue faced by an individual. 

At KlinicApp, we focus on providing quality services with assured affordable pricing that is reasonable for anyone to choose the health packages. ou can even connect our health advisers before booking the health package to now more in detail and the benefits of the test.  This is advised to take in the early morning. Hence, once you book your test,  our well-trained Phlebotomists will visit your location in the morning hours, to collect the samples of your blood test. 

03Parameters included in Diabetes Screening