Diabetes Screening

Diabetes Screening

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  • Specifically designed: Post Prandial Sugar or HbA1C
  • Includes: Fasting Blood Sugar, high blood pressure, heart parameters
  • Additionally covers: cholesterol, liver, kidney, heart etc
  • Ideal for adults aged 45 to 64
  • Free sample collection
  • On-call Expertise consultation available.


Diabetes Screening package includes test parameters like Hba1C, Post Prandial Sugar, Fasting Blood Sugar. The test is done to diagnose widespread tribulations faced by an individual. Diabetes screening tests are superior pre-emptive technique for catching the growth of diabetes at an in the early hours.Though Diabetes is nowadays occurring due to inappropriate food, lifestyle, obesity, hereditary or unusual dietary peculiarities. The package covers Diabetes Check-up hence, one can change daily routines and assets by understanding their diabetes screening test reports. 

What you should do, if you have a positive result for a diabetes screening test?

A positive outcome will normally demonstrate a determination of diabetes, nonetheless, if there is the question, you might be given a second test to affirm the outcome. On the off chance that you fall inside the prediabetes scope of a diabetes test, you ought to be checked with a further diabetes screening test every year.

Diabetes is often seen in approximately 80% people around the world, it is becoming one of the most common and serious issues. In diabetes the body stops producing insulin or does not produce properly according to the need of body, hence this package helps you to understand diabetes and also how to prevent it.  This diabetes screening package by Klinicapp provides the reports from the checkup, which will let you understand the status of reasons responsible for your health problems. The package covers parameters which evaluates the reasons behind indigestions, over-weight, obesity. Everybody is facing health problems due to their rough lifestyle, with the shortage of time we generally ignore the symptoms, which  my lead to serious problems, hence with no wastage of time, this preventive diabetes screening checkup will let you understand and identify the major causes and reasons of unusual physical changes in your body.

Why is Diabetes Test Done?

Outcomes from a diabetes screening test can be utilized to look to encourage medicinal counsel from a specialist or restorative expert. The screening test isn't proposed as a conclusion, and a diabetes screening test is not constantly exact. In the event that, at any phase of the test, you are apprehensive or uncertain, contact your specialist for promoting guidance.

Therefore, this check-up is done against the Diabetes related to cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity, as well as those related to Hba1C – this helps you understand your overall diabetes control, effectively for last three months , Post Prandial Sugar, Fasting Blood Sugar will be tested accordingly. The package is price effective, which is worth Booking. With one simple click, you can book your test with us. Book the package online by clicking “Book Now” or you can directly give us a call on provided number, Doorstep sample services are provided, the sample collection procedure will be arranged for you the minute you connect with us.

Your concern, is our priority, hence best and trained Phlebotomists visit in the morning, to collect the samples, later the samples are sent to best diagnose center, to get the best results, near to your residential area, as our responsibility is to provide you reports with higher authenticity. To understand your reports in a better way, Klinicapp also provides a facility where on-call doctors and the dietitian's consultation is available for you. Take healthy steps with Us.

03Parameters included in Diabetes Screening