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  • Specifically designed:   STD/STIs
  • Includes: Anti Chlamydia Antibody IgM & IgG
  • Additionally Covers:Standard package for Chlamydia
  • Window period: 28 days
  • No Fasting Required
  • Free home sample collection

Why test for the HIV Test

The HIV test is specifically designed to diagnose HIV 1 and HIV 2 infection. This package includes the parameters for Elisa test which is a 3 rd generation test applied for HIV 1 and HIV 2 screening.

Elisa test helps to detect certain proteins that are produced in response to coming in contact with the HIV antibody. During the process of the test the sample collected will be poured into a cassatte containing the viral protein named which the called the antigen. If there is presence of antibodies to HIV in the blood, it will lead to binding of the antigen that will result in the change of colour of the contents from the cassette.

Thus, being a very sensitive test, this process is widely used to detect HIV infection. This package also additionally covers the Chlamydia test.

02Parameters included in Chlamydia