CBC-Complete Blood Count test

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Know more about CBC-Complete Blood Count test

The complete blood count (CBC) test is type of blood test that helps to diagnose: overall health of a person, any ongoing treatment's prgress, if a person is suffering from anemia, blood disorder, lukimia and any other infection.

The doctor recommends this test if your symptoms are:


pale skin,




any injury leading bruising and bleeding.

This test helps to measure the components present in your blood.

It includes:

White Blood Cells

Red Blod Cells



Mean Corpuscular volume


There is no precaution required before the test. But if the test is accompaning any other test, you will need to fast before taking the test. Besides, to improve your test results you should start a healthy diet. You need to include iron and vitamin rich food in your daily diet and more intake of fluids and water.

Depending on your test results, the doctor will prescribe you medication, lifestyle changes and any further treatment if required.

Test Method: A blood sample will be collected from a vein of your arm. 

Report available: Turn around time is 24 hours. 

You will be prescribed to take this test if your doctor suspects you of suffering from anemia, leukemia, any infection or for an overall diagnosis of your health.