You Are Hurting Your Spine Without Knowing It

Living in an era of a sedentary lifestyle, everyone has experienced back pain. Do you happen to know that unknowingly you are hurting your spine? Yes, you read it right! Most of our daily activity is involved in hurting your spine. Due to our busy schedule, we tend to ignore minor pain and injuries. However, on top of that, you feel that those pains will fade away gradually. But that is no true. As a result, you might end up with severe spine or back pain in the later years.

Knowing the reasons for back pain will save you from irreversible effects. But to have a basic understanding or knowledge of your spine is also important. Collectively, the muscles, spinal joints, and discs are connected with each other. Hence, this configures your backbone. Therefore, if there is some issue with any of the mentioned features, you will suffer from back or spinal pain. Taking care of Bone health is important to avoid bone diseases.

In your daily routine of life, you might be hurting your spine. But you do not know that such activity is harmful to your backbone. Here is a list of such activities that you must look out for. It will help you to take better care of your health.

5 Ways you are Hurting your Spine in Daily Activity

1. Driving

Many of us drive to our workplace. And if you drive daily to your work location, you need to look out for your back. But there is a minor difference between driving for shorter distances to longer distances. Driving for more than 1 hour daily will impact your backbone health. This is because driving for long hours disrupts the normal posture of your spinal cord. And it results in lower back pain. Hence, you can add a driving pillow to your driving seat. If you are planning to buy a new car, check its latest features. Many cars have out with side bolstering seats with heating and ventilation.

2. Daily Sitting with Desk Job

This is another leading factor for rising back pain in most people. When you are sitting for long hours, you are hurting your spine. In order to improve your health condition, try to use a standing desk. The standing desk also helps to move out of your monotonous sitting job. For a change, you will also feel relax. Hence, you can concentrate better. And if your office does not have any option for a standing desk, you can opt for something else. All you can do is to get up from your set after every 1 or 2 hours and walk around for a minute. This will help you to straighten your back.

3. Awkward Sleeping Position

Every one of us has a sleeping position. You tend to fall asleep when you follow the same position daily. But if your sleeping position is wrong, you will hurt your spine. As a result, you will end up waking up with a tiring sleep. And you will think that you did not have a quality sleep last night. Therefore, to improve your sleeping position, try to change your sleeping pattern. Else, you will end up with serve back pain in the future. The positions to avoid are:

  • Do not sleep on your stomach
  • Do not use a pillow. If you still want to use it, go for a soft pillow.
  • Place a pillow underneath your stomach when you sleep on your sides.
  • It will support your back while sleeping.

4. Adopting Correct Walking Posture

If you an early morning person, you definitely go for a morning walk. But are you aware of the fact that a correct walking posture is important for your back health? If you take a daily morning and evening walk, and your posture is wrong, it will hurt your spine. Hence, adopt a correct walking posture. When you are experiencing any kind of back pain, avoid taking a walk that day. Give rest to your backbone. This will heal your back pain earlier. Also, wearing the right shoe is vital. You will need to wear the right shoe to walk correctly.

5. Watch your Back while Playing your Kids/Grandkids

Hurting Your Spine

Being involved in various activities with your children or grandchildren is necessary. But looking out for your health is important as well. You tend to forget the minor pains when you enjoy your time with your loved ones. You might feel pain in your back but due to the fulfilled time, you are not aware of the pain. If you are involved in playing with your kids on a daily basis, try to take up exercise. Else, meet a doctor to get better advice on it. Therefore, do not delay your personal health care.

Healthy Advice for You

Therefore, there are various other activities leading to minor back pain. However, to be aware of such activities will always keep you ahead of your health. It includes playing golf, smoking, household chores, trimming grass of your lawn and many more. Therefore, if you continue these activities with precautions, you do not need to worry about your health.

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