World Food Day

The weight-age of the increased population has taken a toll on food. There has not been an equal distribution of food among the increased population. The reasons can be many. With continuous growth in population, about 2 billion people are raised in the past 35 years. This shifts the focus on food security and the approach towards 7.7 billion people in total who are residing in this world. On the World Food Day, which was celebrated on 16th October, throws light on the usage of food around the globe. This article shares some ways to take positive action on food and few facts on world hunger.

In recent times, we have continuously changed our diet plan and eating habits because of several reasons. The reasons may include low income, globalization, urbanization or health consciousness. Around 9 million people die every year because of hunger and its related diseases rather than other deadly diseases.

The United Nations in 1979 has taken the initiative of World Food Day. Now the whole world celebrates this day every year to support and tackle global hunger.

Themes on World Food Day

Since 1981, there is a different theme every year on World Food Day. Those themes highlight different areas that needs focus or take action on it. The event is always special in which people from all around the world participate and announce their commitment to eliminate hunger for lifetime. This is a humble effort put forward by every organisation for food security.

Here are the past five years of themes in which World Food Day was celebrated.

  • 2014: Feeding the world, caring for the earth
  • 2015: Social Protection and Agriculture: Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty
  • 2016: Climate is changing: Food and Agriculture Must Too. This was celebrated to inspire climate change on food security, and how to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • 2017: Change the future of migration: Invest in food security and rural development
  • 2018: Our actions are our future

With World Food Day 2019 upon us, we want to throw light on four ways in which you can raise the concern.

Build Water Wells in Contaminated Drinking-water Places

Life would be impossible without water. Many countries like Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Chad, Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Ghana, and India have a very fewer amount of freshwater left. Thereby, it has become a need to have clean water now more than ever. Afghanistan is the poorest country according to Nation Master that has only 13% of clean drinking water readily available.

Your initiative on water cleanliness and creating well can bring a change in the society. Thus, it will help people get clean water, especially in the needy countries.

Stop Hunger by Vote to End Hunger

Participate in stopping the hunger forever by giving your ‘vote to end hunger’. This initiate is a broad coalition of individuals and organizations in which everyone is committed to end hunger worldwide by 2030.

Decrease the Wastage of Food

It is known that one-third of food produced is wasted. This has a great effect on our global economy, which costs nearly $750 billion annually. The food wastage is not limited to a few places but in many developed countries, edible is often wasted on plates. In developing countries it is lost in the production process due to several reasons. It can be such as farmers couldn’t manage to get their crops in the market or maybe unprocessed because of poor storage.

Encourage Others to Take action on Food Security

Education and awareness are the most important steps towards any problem-solving. The world hunger and lack of appetite is one issue we see everywhere around us. You can easily make a change in the society. Try to take baby steps by just offering some food to the people in need. Take this it as an initiative and let others aware of it.

By sharing the fact on hunger on the social network, you can shed light and incite people to take action.

Quick Facts about World Hunger due to Lack of Food

  • Though the world produces enough food to feed the population of 7.5 billion still about 800 million people starve because of hunger. Among these 800 million people, 60% are females.
  • Hunger kills people more than other diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS when combined.
  • More than 45 per cent of infant dies because of malnutrition.
  • 9 billion people are obese and overweight.
  • 4 billion metric tonnes of food are produced each year

With the above facts, it is evident that the people of this planet may need to produce 60 per cent more food by 2050 to feed the rising population.

How a Zero Hunger World can Change Lives?


The below reasons prove that a nutritious diet can change the world:

  • The zero hunger movement can help society and change the lives of 3.1 million children a year.
  • Healthy pregnant well-nourished mothers will have healthier babies with a stronger immune system.
  • By offering nutrition to the child and ending hunger, it could rise the developing country’s GDP by 16.5 per cent.
  • Money spends on hunger prevention can benefit all in big numbers.
  • A nutritious filled diet will enhance the life expectancy rate.
  • By eradicating iron deficiency among people, it can boost productivity at work by 20 per cent.

Hence, with these above facts and reasons, we can clearly say that Zero hunger can build a great world to live in. As a result of which one can expect a safer and happier place for everyone to live. So, on World Food day, take an initiative towards abolishing hunger. Thus, make a step towards “Vote to end hunger”.

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