World First Aid Day 2019 : First Aid And Road Safety

First aid is a temporary but effective treatment to prevent the bad situation from getting worse in an accidental case. It is good to have the basic knowledge to attend critical situations immediately. It will help the injured person to sustain the injuries until the medical help arrives.

Near about 400 deaths get recorded every day in India due to road accidents. And the figure is the highest in the world. Neglected road safety and violating traffic rules are the primary reasons behind accidents. Though accidents can’t be predicted, being individually responsible, it is possible to reduce the fatalities.

Individuals must get trained to administer the situation by learning first aid skills. India has surpassed the highly populated country in the world after China, with the highest accidental deaths. Individuals having the skills of administering the situations can contribute largely in reducing the death rates.  Thus, preventing the health condition and injuries of the injured person from worsening.

Follow Thumb Rule before Attending the Accident Victims to give them First Aid:

You need to follow the thumb rule every time before you attend an injured person.

First of all, ensure your safety while approaching the injured person. Look around the location, if the traffic has stopped or not. Also, take a glance to find out whether the people around are aware of the accident or not. Check if fuel is spilled over the area or not. Being alert will prevent additional casualties.

Inform the ambulance services immediately while analyzing the situation. If the accident involves several vehicles, the probabilities of maximum casualties are higher. Take the decision fast and look around the accident spot to identify the victims who need immediate help.

A person screaming, crying, and making any kind of noise is breathing. Among the victims, you need to give priority and immediately establish the person who is not making any movement and is quiet. The victims lying quiet need immediate attention.

Seek help from other passersby if the situation is beyond your control.

Which First Aid is Appropriate for What Condition?

First of all, rescue the person. Then make her/him lie down on a flat surface.

Not Breathing and Unresponsive:  

first aid

If a victim is not breathing and not responding, check the persons’ heartbeat and pulse rate. You can try CPR by pushing down fast and hard at the center of the chest. You should do it at a rate of 100-120 per minute. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is rapid chest compressions. It works in a miraculous way in emergency situations to retain heartbeat.

EAR or Expired Air Resuscitation is another method. You can try this on the victim. This artificial breathing might help the victim. When you blow air into the mouth of the victim, the air will get forced down to the respiratory tract and reach the lungs, which will ensure ventilation.

Breathing but not responding:

If the victim is breathing but not responding, then ensure proper ventilation for the person. Keep talking to the victim to bring them into a conscious state. Keep the person calm and warm.

Major Bleeding and lifethreatening injuries:

If the victim is in a conscious state but is suffering from major bleeding or fatal injuries get it treated first. Excessive blood loss will increase risk.

Fracture and other Internal Injuries: 

The body is softer than metal. If there is major damage to the vehicle, the victim might have internal injuries. Carefully bring out the person from the damaged vehicle. As there is the possibility of worsening the condition if there is spinal injury or in the neck area.

The Sole Purpose of First Aid Training

Helps to Save Lives:

Thus, with the skills of attending and giving emergency treatment, one will be able to save lives.

Helps to Get Relieved from Pain:

Your immediate step of attending an accident victim will help the victim to get relieved from pain. If the injuries are minor, you can try icepacks or a quick rub. It might help to reduce pain.

Prevent the Situation from Worsening:

With your skills; you can prevent the situation from worsening.

Feel Secure 

With the skills, you can feel safe and secure as well as ensure other’s safety. 

Hence, take a pledge on World First Aid Day this year. It is on September 14, learn the skills and ensure safety and save the lives of others!

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