Why Long Drives In Automatic Cars Are Not Good For Health?

Automatic Cars are not good for health and can prove to be dangerous! If you own an automatic car then you must be aware of the reasons that may take a toll on your health. The increasing traffic hassles are one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of automatic cars. The car owners find it tiring to change gears. Stepping on the clutch and accelerator are not preferred for such advanced cars that did the works on their own. Such advanced cars don’t require the intervention of the driver. Owning such a luxurious car can be convenient. But the person may end up in an emergency room of a hospital.

How Automatic Cars Are Not Good For Health?

Many of us are unaware of the health impacts we may undergo after long drives in an automatic car. Over here, we will discuss the health impacts of long drives in automatic cars. We will also share the remedies that can prevent the uncanny situations.

1. Immobility of Legs can cause Deep Vein Thrombosis

Driving automatic cars don’t require human intervention. It will only require controlling the steering handle. In such a case, the driver just seats without any physical movements of the legs. The immobility of the limbs causes a blood clot. Such a condition is medically termed as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). The blood clot intervenes in blood flow. This results in numbness of the organs.

2. Blockage in Lungs

After the blood clot is formed, it causes pulmonary embolism. In such a condition, the blood clot travels to the lungs and arteries. Hence, the organ gets blocked. Blood supply to vital organs like the brain and heart gets blocked. This happens after the arteries in the lungs are blocked.

3. Discomfort and Breathing Issues

The driver will feel discomfort and experience breathing issues. It happens due to reduced blood flow to the vital organs in the body. Blood pressure and pulse rate will drastically reduce in such conditions. As a result, the individual may lose consciousness and collapse in the running vehicle.

4. Cardiac Arrest

In the worst case, the chances of cardiac arrest are high. As of the adverse impacts of blood clot and blockage in the arteries and discomfort in breathing, the risk of cardiac arrest is high.

5. Low Blood Pressure affects Functions of Kidneys

Driving for long hours will reduce your blood pressure. This adversely impacts kidney functions. If you go on long drives in regular intervals, get your kidneys diagnosed.

6. Long Time Seating reduces Power to Burn Fat

Being seated in the same place for long hours affects the body’s power to burn fat. Lowered physical activity will build up fats in different body parts. And it especially occurs in the tummy section.

7. Driving for Long Hours is Stressful

Not Good For Health

Driving for long hours is related to stress. People, who most often ride for long hours without taking a break, develop certain mental health issues. Mental health issues may turn out to scary conditions.

If you experience any of the conditions, there are possibilities of facing an accident. A minor accident or health issue can be life-threatening.

Safety Measures to prevent Traumatic Situations

You will enjoy a long drive in your automatic car without developing any health issue by following those measures.

1. Thumb Rule

There are certain things every driver riding an automatic car must remember. Following the thumb rule of driving automatic cars, individuals can prevent fatal conditions. One can also improve other health issues.

2. Take a Break and Stretch

Stop your car after driving continuously for 1-2 hours. Get down from the vehicle and stretch your body. This action will help to distribute the blood evenly throughout the body. You can continue your journey once you regain activeness.

3. Always stay Hydrated

Keep your body hydrated throughout the journey. Carrying a bottle of cool water along your journey is one of the essential things. Hence, always remember to carry one. Drink some water and breathe some fresh air to revitalize your sensory organs.

4. Comfortable Clothing

Put on comfortable clothing while you are on a long drive. Avoid wearing tight jeans during the journey. Automatic Cars are not good for health when you wear tight jeans. Seating constantly on the car seat for long hours will slow down blood circulation in specific body parts. Tight jeans will additionally make the blood flow stiff and can raise the risk.

Smart Advice

Smokers, alcoholics, obese, individuals need to be more careful. If they underwent recent surgery or suffer from prolonged illness are at high risk. Thus, they might develop the symptoms after driving for long hours. If you fall in any of the categories, allow someone else to drive. Thus, long drives in Automatic Cars are not good for health.

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