Why Diabetes Screening Is Important?

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India is the diabetes capital of world with approximately 50 million people suffering from Diabetes mellitus. So we can assume what a big challenge we are facing. We can assume that despite being the most discussed disease still due to lack of awareness we have so many patients. Often known as sugar disease it is an alarming disease, which is hampering lives of so many individuals. Proper evaluation and management can help diabetic patients to lead a normal life. Many of us are not even ready to get diabetes screening done as we think, “How can I have diabetes?”

Often, we don’t know the basic concept behind it. So, to make you understand very simply Diabetes is a condition which is caused due to lack or insufficient production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone which is produced by pancreas and its major function is to lower the blood sugar level. Now coming on to diabetes it is of two types – Type-1 Diabetes and Type-2 Diabetes. In Type-1 Diabetes there is insufficient production of insulin and in Type-2 Diabetes there is defective production of insulin.

Usually in normal conditions, when we eat food insulin lowers the blood sugar level but in case of diabetes it does not work properly so ultimately increasing the blood sugar level which, we also term as Hyperglycemia. In diabetes screening, who have no history of diabetes we do 2 basic tests: Fasting blood sugar and random blood sugar. For fasting blood sugar you, should not drink or eat anything except water for at least 10-12 hours. Normal fasting blood sugar level is less than 100 mg/ dl. If, it is above 100mg/dl and less than 125mg/ dl then we term it as pre-diabetes and then you need to get further test, done. And if it above than 126mg/ dl then you need to get fasting blood sugar done and other test done to confirm diabetes.

If you are a diabetic person then you need, to get HBA1C and fasting blood sugar should be, done every 3-4 months to check how controlled your blood sugar is. If your blood sugar is changing very quickly then you, need to get these tests, done frequently.


Diabetes is a chronic condition that can be, controlled effectively if diagnosed earlier and by introducing some dietary and lifestyle modification. We believe that if you are non diabetic then proper and timely screening is key to stay diabetes free. And if you are a diabetic then routinely screening to rule out how controlled your diabetes is and adhering to your medication, dietary and lifestyle modification can help you to lead a normal and healthy life.

Unmonitored prevalence of diabetes also results in increased risk of vascular complications like cardiovascular, renal, neural and visual. If you don’t manage diabetes there would be consequences you will have to deal with later in life. Therefore be, determined to share your positive approach and not let diabetes stand in the way of enjoying life.

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