What Is The Mystery Behind Weight Gain When You Age?

Many of us gain weight as the years pass by. Some people blame their eating habits while others hold long office hours responsible. But, there may be other factors at play. Did you know that on average, a person gains 20% weight in their adult life?

There are many factors that contribute to the consistent weight gain over the years. Lack of sleep, hormonal changes, sedentary lifestyle and muscle loss are some of the notable factors. Let us take a look at some of the reasons and solve this mystery.

Slower Metabolism Leads to Weight Gain

As we age, there is a decrease in our muscle mass, which likely slows down metabolism as well. Metabolism is a process that converts calories into energy. If you have more fat and less muscle, chances are that your calories will burn slower. Age is also a factor that slows down the metabolism. However, your gender and weight also play a significant role.

Menopause can cause Weight Gain

For women, the estrogen levels drop drastically when they reach menopause. This causes a major hormonal imbalance in the body. The body’s natural response is to retain fat so that it can use the estrogen from those fat cells. This causes women to gain weight, which is commonly around the belly area.

Hyperthyroidism Leads to Weight Gain

Blaming your thyroid gland for your weight gain seems like a lame excuse. This is because no one really knows accurately what thyroid does. The thyroid gland is mainly responsible for controlling your metabolism. When the function of thyroid slows down, it leads you to weight gain. In fact, it is one of the major symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

If you do not have an explanation for your weight gain then you should see a doctor. A simple test will discover whether your thyroid gland is working fine or not.

Stress can Lead to Various Side-effects

Stress is one of the major factors that invite all kinds of diseases to you. We live quite fast-paced lives. Multiple things happen at the same time that demands our attention. On top of that, there are deadlines from work place we have to meet all the time. This can cause a lot of stress. The stress hormone cortisol sends a message that tells the brain to store fuel to fight the stress. This often causes us to eat more without even realizing. If left unnoticed, it can go on to become a habit as well.

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How to not Gain Weight?

If the consistent weight gain is noticeable and bothering you then it is time you do something about it. The following points have been scientifically proven. And it would help you to get rid of the excess fat.

  • Healthy Diet

weight gain

What you put into your body is very important. Having a balanced and healthy diet will help you stay fit and keep the extra weight off as well. Decrease the intake of fast food, processed food, and sugar in your food. Replace that with green vegetables, healthy beans, fruits, nuts, etc. These foods are full of fiber and are good for you. They also help you feel full.

  • Portion Control

Learning to cut down on your portion is not something you can do in one day. It is a gradual process that takes time as you are teaching your body a new habit. Start by reducing your calories by 100 or 200 gram so it doesn’t seem like a drastic change.

  • Relax

For those who find stress to be the number one cause for weight gain,relaxing and taking things easy will help out a lot. Take up meditation as it helps to calm your mind. Less stress will make you consume less food and thus, you won’t gain weight.

  • Drink water

Our body often confuses thirst with hunger. Stay hydrated with water. Avoid carbonated drinks or packaged juice as they are full of sugar and preservatives and are bad for you. Drinking two liters of water will help you be healthy as it flushes out the toxins. It boosts your metabolism as well and helps you feel full.

  • Work Out

One of the reasons weight gain is due to losing muscles. The best way to fight that would be to include some exercise in our daily lives. Something as simple as a morning walk or swimming goes a long way in keeping away the extra kilos. Working out also releases happy chemicals in the body that help our mental health.

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As we age, our body goes through a lot of changes. Most of the changes happen inside the body but, the one evident change that we can see is the change in our weight. Things like hormonal changes and workload may not be in our control. But, maintaining a healthy diet and working out regularly help in fighting off the extra weight and keeps other diseases and illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure at bay.


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