What Happens When You Are Sitting For Long Hours?

Sitting for long hours can cause various health problems. Out of all the problems, the major problem comes from the wrong posture. Most of the people work while sitting according to the 9 to 5 job schedule. This is mostly seen in corporate office jobs. People spent almost a full day sitting in one place. Researches have revealed the health risks caused by sitting for long hours. Hence, one should take a break in between. This way one can avoid the related health problems. In addition to the break, one should choose the regular exercise and the right posture to sit.

Sitting for long hours can cause postural problems majorly. Along with this, it triggers additional health problems. Here we are listing a few of the common problems.

Cardiovascular Problem

Since your physical activity goes almost null due to continuous sitting. Hence, the blood flow also comes to a pause as well. Due to this, the heart needs more effort for pumping the blood. Further, this gives rise to hyper blood pressure. Additional problem developing due to sitting is the increased cholesterol level. Both of these problems lead to cardiovascular problems.

Higher Risk of Diabetes

Sitting for long hours can put you at risk of diabetes. Diabetes occurs mainly because of the disturbance in insulin production or its usage. Due to sitting at a particular place, muscles stop responding to the insulin produced in the body. As a result, there is an excess of insulin in the body. This can cause serious problems like diabetes.


If you sit at a particular place for a longer time, it can interrupt your brain activity. Further, this could lead to problems like dementia in the long run. In addition to the direct effect, sitting increases blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems. All of these problems make a collective impact on your brain. Hence, a person starts to lose his or her memory. One can avoid the problem by taking short breaks in between. Additionally, adopting physical exercise on a regular basis can help in dementia.

Leg Disorder

Sitting For Long Hours

Sitting for long hours with a wrong posture can disturb the blood flow in your body. This could happen due to the compression of a particular body part. Further, the impact on the blood flow can produce a fluid in the legs. Continuous production of the fluid can develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT). In DVT, a person notices the clotting of blood in the legs. This is further accompanied by swelling and pain. But not all people have similar signs. People might not experience pain in some cases. By looking at DVT disorder, it is advised not to sit for long hours.

Weight Gain

Your favorite TV shows, keeps you engaged for long hours. This also includes web series which is quite popular these days. Now your physical activity is completely stopped. Hence, this can increase your body weight. You will not realize the sudden weight or faster growth rate. But this will certainly increase your weight. This factor also leads to rising in cholesterol levels as well. An increase in bad cholesterol can cause various health issues in later life.

Change in Spinal Structure

Sitting for long hours can cause an imbalance in the spinel shape. Due to the flexible shape of the spinal, the structure can change. Along with spinel, disc damage, strained neck with a sore shoulder can be a problem. The major cause of this is the wrong sitting position. Usually, doctors suggest having an x-ray or MRI to check the body parts. But, this problem can be treated with physiotherapy.

Increased Stress Level

When your body is in motion, it releases the mood-enhancing hormones. Contrary to this, sitting for long hours cuts off the blood supply. This, in turn, raises the stress level. Hence, sitting in one position for long hours can increase your stress level as well.

Heart Problems

When the blood supply to different body parts is interrupted, it causes heart problems. Additionally, this can cause partial damage to a certain body part. According to a study, the chances of heart problems are twice due to longer sitting schedule people. These problems can be avoided by considering a proper diet with physical activity.

Reversing Exercise

Most of the people consider daily walk is sufficient to keep themselves healthy. This is true as well. But with the walk, you need to have an active daily routine as well. Sitting for long hours reverses the effects of exercise you did in the morning. Hence, do not waste your efforts. Keep moving to maintain your health.

Raising the chances of Cancer

According to research, the chances of colon and lung cancer increases with sitting. This happens when you continue to sit for a long time. For an older woman, the chances of breast cancer are even higher with sitting. Irrespective of how active you are, what matters is your sitting time.

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