What Are The Smartwatch Side Effects On Your Health?

Smartwatch side effects is one of the most debatable topics in the current world. Technology is growing at an indispensable rate, turning a large population dependent over it. However, some of these inventions are leading to problems which might not be perceived in the short run, but they are going to create havoc in the longer run. From smartphones to smartwatches, the world seems to be busy creating drastic improvements in the technological aspect.

People are busy gifting these watches to their loved ones without knowing about the various health issues that can get triggered by them. The smartwatches might be helping with the daily course but the various health problems cannot be ignored.  Smartwatches emit EMF radiation which is extremely degrading and harmful.

In the last few years, a lot of studies have contributed to the knowledge regarding the harmful nature of Smartphones. Similar contributions also need to be done in the field of smartwatches to educate people about the problems that they trigger. Apart from EMF radiation, a list of other smartwatch side effects has been mentioned below.

Smartwatches Side Effects:

1. It can lead to Excessive Nausea or headache:

A lot of research work has shown that EMF radiation leads to similar results as in the case of radiation. If a person experiences and headache for most of their day, then a reason could be a smartwatch he/she is obsessed with. Wearing this watch all day long can be a huge reason for this headache problem in an individual.

2. It Disrupts Sleep and Memory issues:

People who go on a lot of days wearing a Smartwatch open complaint about being insomniac. This side effect is also common to smartphone users. It usually happens because of the lack of concentration once an individual is used to technology. The productivity also keeps on declining with time.

Smartwatch side effects can also disrupt your sleeping pattern. A person faces issues while trying to sleep. The regular sleeping pattern does not only get obstructed but rather adopting new pattern seems to be impossible. It is important to get rid of the Smartwatch at night when one is trying to sleep.

Similarly, changes in the sleeping pattern also affecting the memory of an individual. As a result, a person may undergo regular changes in his mood, owing to a disturbance in sleep. This happens because of the use of blue light in smartwatches and other technical devices. It becomes an extremely difficult job for the brain to turn off all these items. It is necessary to take proper sleep at night. Hence, doing away with your phone for 2-3 hours straight before going to sleep can help in improving your sleeping pattern. You can also indulge in reading habit.

3. Smartwatch Side Effects include Body Dysmorphia:

Smartwatch Side Effects

Body dysmorphia is a common condition suffered by people who undergo smartwatch side effects. This condition involves an individual who constantly eats under the bell sound of all the notifications and information that surrounds him. This happens because the mind does not respond to the activity of eating while one is busy with their smartwatch. As such, even if one is full, the person is most likely to not even know about it. This condition can lead to extremely dangerous overeating.

4. Excess use of Smartwatch may lead to Distractions:

Using a smartphone now and then can be extremely irritating for other people around. However, one does not use their phone regularly because of the various restrictions placed during official meetings or other social gatherings.

A smartwatch on the other hands rests on the wrist making it even easier for the person to access information. This leaves a lot of room for an individual to be distracted for most of their time. Being a social person on various platforms is a good sign. On the other hand, excessive obsession can affect your present behavior, turning you into the person that most people dislike.

How to Overcome Smartwatch Side Effects?

It can be extremely difficult for an individual who is obsessed with a smartwatch to give up on his interest. But it becomes especially important when one’s obsession starts impacting his personal and social life.

Given below are a few steps if you want to overcome the smartwatch side effect.

  • Use the Airplane Mode to Overcome the Smartwatch Side Effect:

To get rid of all the unnecessary notifications and calls, it is important to use the airplane mode. It will help in cutting the Bluetooth and cellular connections of the watch. You can still enjoy the primary functions of the watch while also making sure that the radiation does not affect you on a large scale.

  • Use of a Cover to help Against Radiation:

The negative EMF radiation discharge from smartwatches can be extremely harmful. Using a cover or a case can protect users against such radiation.

Technology has contributed to the large scale development of the human species. However, over-utilization of these resources is not only causing a great loss but also a lot of health issues. Being extremely dependent on technology can restrict one from enjoying their personal space. This leaves no room for real-life conversations and relationships. Hence, one should make proper use of technological advancements.

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