What Are The Side Effects Of Contact Lenses?

People with prescription glasses often want to switch to lenses. But there are side effects of contact lenses that people are not aware of. Wearing glasses can be a hassle too. The raindrops form on the glasses. It also glares up, easily fogs up, etc. Besides, a pair of glasses does not always go well with the look.

Most of the people who wear prescription glasses have wanted to try contact lenses. In this article, we will cover some of the side-effects of lenses. Once you have the complete information, you can make the right decision.


Contact lenses could be a source of infection for the eyes. You need to be careful to wash your hands before handling the lenses. It is also easier for the contact lenses to stick bacteria and debris in your eyes. However, infections through our hands remain the biggest threat.

Lack of Oxygen

Oxygen is supremely important for the eyes. The contact lenses cover the cornea. As a result, the oxygen is blocked from reaching the eyes. This is why wearing lenses for a long duration is not recommended. The lack of oxygen is one of the side effects of contact lenses that potential buyers should consider.

Corneal Vascularization

Corneal vascularization often goes unnoticed until it obstructs your vision. The blood vessels around your eyes swell and grow into the cornea. It is often too late to reverse the damage by the time people find out. The only thing to do is to stop using lenses.

Medicines and Contraceptives

Side Effects Of Contact Lenses

Did you know that being on birth control pills and using contact lenses can cause dryness in the eyes? Specifically, it can trigger a reaction. It may cause your eyes to burn. So, it is better to avoid wearing lenses if you are on birth control. Certain medicines also have a similar effect. Thus, to find better alternatives, talk to your doctor about it.


Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye. Most people have heard of it before. Pink eye causes swelling and increases mucus productivity. Many patients realize that they have it when the symptoms worsen. In case you have conjunctivitis, do not use lenses. Hence, do not wear them until the pink eye has completely healed.

Dry Eyes

Wearing contact lenses can dry out your eyes. It can cause irritation, redness, itching, or a feeling of grit stuck in the eyes. The best way to combat dry eyes is to take a break from wearing lenses. Go back to prescription glasses. Hence, this gives your eyes a break. You can also use eye drops but consult your ophthalmologist first.

How to Prevent Side Effects of Contact Lenses?

There are always precautionary measures that you can take to protect your eyes.

  • Always clean your hands with soap or a disinfectant before touching the lenses. Be careful not to use any lotions or creams before using lenses. If you could avoid scented or oily soaps, it would be an added plus.
  • To help put on the lenses correctly, it is better if your nails are not too long. In the case of long nails, there are always chances of accidental scratching or damaging the lenses. You could easily scratch your eyes as well.
  • It is essential that you get your eyes checked on time. Regular tests will help you know whether there is any change in the prescription or not. Wearing lenses with old power when you need new ones can damage your sight.

Precautionary Steps

  • If you prefer wearing lenses daily, then your eyes might become dry. However, lubricating the lenses with eye drops when you take them off can help combat this problem.
  • Avoid going to bed with the lenses on as it could get dislodged in sleep. Also, remove them before showering or going for a swim.
  • You can use disinfectants to clean the lenses of bacteria or dirt. But never use your saliva or water to do the same.
  • It is vital that you properly soak the lenses in solution each night. Many people feel it is a waste to change the solution every night, so they reuse it. However, using a fresh solution is always better. As there are many varieties of solutions, talk to the doctor about your specific one, so that you can use it correctly.

Smart Tip

Eyes are essential organs that help us with our day-to-day life. However, glasses are a big help for those who need it. And lenses are a welcome change. Thus, with proper preventive measures and overall knowledge, you can wear lenses whenever you want. However, it is crucial that you take proper hygienic care to protect the eyes from infections.

Knowing the side effects of contact lenses help you to take precautionary measures. Millions of people wear lenses daily. But many dislodge the lenses, while others struggle with infection. It happens due to the lack of information and awareness. Once you know all the pros and cons of lenses, you can make the right choice for yourself.