What Are the Most Common Myths About Menstruation?

Can’t wash your hairs or bake bread while menstruating? Yes, these are some most common myths about menstruation around the world which is in circulation since the ancient time. The myths that surround menstruation are quite freakish and widespread. In Israel, get a slap when you first get your period, so that she will grow a beautiful cheek in the future. Ouch! Malaysians want their pads to get washed before throwing it or else face some ghost in real. Scary! In India women can’t go the ploughing or touch pickle. These myths are hilarious but there are some serious myths which need to get debunked. The following section will analyze the truth behind the myths.

1. Can’t Wash Hair or Take a Bath during Menstruation

A myth that has been traveling for a long time is not to wash hair or take a bath or shower when a girl is on her period. Do not accept it and start to be hygienic. In fact, taking a bath with hot water helps in period cramps and also managing the premenstrual tension.

2. Avoid Exercise or Strenuous Activities

In old days menstruation was considered as a kind of sickness when women used to stay in their beds. In reality, there is nothing which a woman can’t do when she is on her period. Menstruation is not a weakness or disability. When a woman exercises during her periods she can decrease the intensity of her menstrual cramps. In fact, women have competed in the Olympics during their periods and have even won.

3. During Menstruation, Don’t Swim

These myths date back to the time when the availability of tampons and menstrual cups were absent. And it is obvious that entering a swimming pool is completely not preferred from the hygiene perspective. Any kind of body fluid like menstrual blood or urine can make the water contaminated. So, it is better to use tampons or menstrual cup to enjoy swimming.

4. Period Sex is Terrible

It is subjective in the manner and purely depends on personal preferences. Period sex is often considered unhygienic and unhealthy. It is based on some religious beliefs that prohibit sex when a woman is getting her periods. To be true, there is no health risk involved in having sex during the periods. However, there should be protected sex during periods due to hygienic factor.

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5. Myth about Usage of Tampons

Most people believe that because the tampons are inserted into vagina, it might cause damage to the body. One of the popular misconceptions about tampons is that it can break the hymen, which is considered as the ‘mark of virginity’. In fact, the hymen is a stretchy membrane which lines up the vaginal opening and it does not cover the vagina opening. If that was the case, it would have blocked the flow of menstrual blood and any kind of fluid to get discharged from the body.

When a small object like tampon is inserted into the vagina, due to the stretchy character of the hymen, it will get fit into the place properly without any harm. And when a woman is menstruating, the blood lubricates the vagina. Hence, inserting a tampon will not be uncomfortable when inserted incorrectly.

6. Menstruation Blood is Impure


The excretion of anything from the body was considered as polluting. In some parts of India, the women who are menstruating or giving childbirth are considered to be polluting the environment. But it is less of blood and more of a mixture of uterine tissue, bacteria, mucus linings and a few blood cells which comes out of the vagina. It is being more of a taboo than in reality.

7. Avoid Using Tampons in the First Period

There is no such reason, when a girl gets her period for the first time should avoids tampons. Insert the tampon carefully in the vagina and there will be no harm. Before using it, she should read the instructions carefully and use them. Likewise, it does not pinch or create any kind of discomfort. Rather it helps a woman to stay comfortable.

8. Women Spending time Together can get Periods Together

This myth is a bit controversial. Research in the 1970s has shown that the body chemicals named pheromones synchronized the periods of women who have lived together. Further studies on this regard shows that there is no such synchronization which is possible and it happens because of some random events. Researchers are still trying to find the period synchronization so, till then it has remained a myth.

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9. Skipping Periods is Unsafe through Birth Control Pills

Another misconception which has prevailed widespread among people is that skipping periods using birth control can cause a problem. Studies from National Women’s Health Network and gynecologists have claimed that it is typically safe to suppress the period using birth control pills.

10. Loss of Enormous Blood During Menstruation

This myth is pure fiction. In fact, a girl loses 2 to 3 teaspoon of blood normally in a day. Yes, it is true. Even a woman is suffering from heavy flow; she loses a maximum of 4 teaspoons of blood every day. There are many outliers but if periods are affecting your life, it is sure to approach a doctor for some medical advice.

11. A Period Conversation with your Daughter will Scare her

What is scarier for a daughter is when her mother has not talked about menstruation and she has started bleeding without knowing anything. So, it is better to be open and honest with her and talk about periods. Girls usually get their first period between the age group of 9 to 16 years. Talking with your daughter about periods is very important.

Thus, in this world of science and technology, believe in the truth about menstruation instead of following the myths around you.


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