Ways To Maintain Your Recent Weight Loss

Maintaining your recent weight loss is a difficult task. It quickly changes to weight gain. This happens mainly with the people who opt for diet control to lose weight. Once they lose weight, they tend to eat more after losing weight. Hence, this makes them gain sudden weight gain. Thus, maintaining the change needs a whole lot of different approaches. Whether you have adopted dietary changes or routine changes, all need to be refreshed. Firstly, let us understand why people tend to gain weight sooner after a weight loss regime.

Why People Regain Weight

There are a few common things why people find it difficult to maintain recent weight loss. Most of it has to do with the impractical expectation. The second main culprit is the feeling of losing out on something. All of this happens due to:

Restrictive Diets:

People choosing diet cutting as the regime comes in this category. When you are cutting off your calories, your body behaves differently. It shifts the metabolism-related hormones. Hence, eating without thinking after you lose weight is the culprit. By following this, one might gain extra weight.

Wrong Mindset:

The main problem is the consideration of solely dietary changes. The problem is to think about the temporary solution for losing weight over maintaining overall health. Therefore, one should think of good health along with weight loss. Targeting weight loss only cuts of essential nutrients from your body.

Switching off Habits:

In most cases, weight gain takes place due to a lack of willpower. For some time, they set their mind for cutting off on calories. But due to the lack of sustainable willpower, recent weight loss leads to weight gain. Hence, sticking to a particular lifestyle may help in this case.

Now let us talk about the factors that can help you maintain recent weight loss.

Exercise Often

Along with food habits, exercise plays an important role in losing or maintaining weight. This helps in cutting off extra calories helping you in weight loss. Further, maintaining the exercise routine along with healthy eating may help in sustaining weight. Also, this helps in keeping you active throughout the day. Research says that one can stay healthy by choosing an exercise routine of 30 minutes a day. Since exercise helps in cutting off extra calories, it helps in maintaining weight.

In some of the cases, higher physical exercise is needed to stick to recent weight loss. Identify the exercise regime that suits best to your body and stick to it.

Exercise not solely but collectively helps in sticking to weight loss. Hence, it should be clubbed with lifestyle changes to get the best results.

Include Protein in your Diet

In the journey of maintaining the recent weight loss, protein inclusion might help. Protein gives you a sense of fullness. Hence, it helps in reducing your food intake. This happens due to the increase in hormonal levels with protein. These hormones induce satiety. This is much helpful in keeping up the current weight. Additionally, it is found that protein reduces the hormones raising hunger.

Also, protein requires a large amount of energy for the breakdown in the body. This way more calories are burnt during the day. This way one can keep track of the recent weight loss.

Weigh Yourself Regularly

Recent Weight Loss

This is advised to everyone who is seeking for weight loss or regulating it. One should keep an eye on body weight. This helps in keeping a track of the method best suited for you. Also, this becomes a motivator as well. People weighing on a regular basis tend to consume lower calories in a day.

Improve Lean Muscle

Everyone targets muscle mass when it comes to weight loss. Whether it is a weight loss or maintaining it, the muscle mass got reduced. The tip is to follow a regime such as to maintain or even increase the metabolism rate. Exercises like weight lifting or that required more effort helps you to improve lean mass.  To maintain this, it is advised to perform strength training at least once a week.

Stay Hydrated

Water cleanses your body toxins. Water is well known for the maintenance of weight loss. Firstly, you get a sense of fullness. And it also reduces calorie intake. It is advisable to have two glasses of water half an hour before the meal. A study shows the reduction of calorie intake by 13% with water intake.

Additionally, water shows up hike in the calorie-burning process. This way one can maintain the current weight loss.

Get Enough Sleep

In adults, the common cause of obesity is the deficiency of sleep. The problem is commonly seen in teenagers with lower sleep time. This happens due to the higher level of ghrelin by lack of sleep. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone that makes you consume more calories. It increases your appetite and helps in gaining weight.

Moreover, people suffering from sleep disorder have lower leptin in their body. Thus, this hormone helps in controlling the appetite. If you are not having proper sleep, try to adjust your sleeping activity. Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours helps in controlling the recent weight loss.