How walking helps in losing weight without tough workouts?

Overview about health fitness and walking

The physical activity is a must for fit body and healthy mind. It is because physical engagement of the body reduces chances of developing conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, thyroid problems etc.

Further for a healthier and long life, exercise benefits in weight loss and management by keeping all thyroid hormone levels in form which has a firm control over the body’s weight.

Fortunately, walking is a great boon in the form of physical activity and it even is cost free, effortless and the easiest of all forms of exercise. Ideally you do not have to learn any new concepts or hire any instructor or get any new machines except do what you already might be doing i.e. walking but to a great extent that it makes your body workout and sweat.


What is the connection between walking and calorie burning?

The body utilizes energy in the form of calories to perform all simple to complex tasks like moving around, thinking, breathing, and several other metabolic processes of the body. The daily calorie requirement varies from one individual to another and is, affected by several factors including genes, weight, sex, and mainly activity levels.

This is the universal truth, that you need to burn out more calories than you consume in order to begin with the weight loss process. So the people with high metabolisms or who are physically more active tend to burn more calories than others and such people tend to loose weight with ease as well.

However, modern lifestyle and work environments have made us more prone to a sedentary lifestyle. Because by spending major portions of your day sitting in front of the systems in the office or tv at home gives your body less chance to get, involved in physical activity like walking and hence the accumulation of calories keeps piling on. This not just increases weight but also increases chances of several health problems.

It does not matter if you are any athlete or non-athlete, the only thing which matters is you effort involved in maximizing your walks letting your body to do a little bit extra work in shedding those piled up belly fat by burning excessive calories. There is another way to intensify the simple or brisk walking by changing routes and opting for hills or slight inclines to make the body work even harder and resulting in burning even more calories.

How walking preserves the lean muscles?

When someone tries to cut down calories and lose weight then usually some muscles are also lost in addition to the body fat. However, walking can help in preventing the muscle loss which often occurs during weight loss journey via diet control. It further preserves the lean muscles and prevents reduction in metabolic rate of the body and keeps extra pounds at bay. Walking even reduces age-dependent muscle loss by helping in retaining and strengthening them.

How belly fat gets, burned by walking?

A lot of fat is stored around the mid section which tend to increase the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.


In general terms, men with waistline of more than 40 inches or 102 cm and women with waistline more than 35 inches or 88 cm, believed to be experiencing from abdominal obesity which in turn comes up with several other health risks.

Many studies over the time has revealed that brisk walking for 50-60 minutes thrice a week for 12 weeks, helps in reducing the waist by 1-1.5 inches. Also adding calorie, controlled diet with walking helps losing further more 1.5-2 inches of waist line.

Tips to add more walking in your lifestyle

Walking helps in overall health and lifestyle improvement. At least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week, which might include brisk walking along with other activities can provide noticeable results in weight loss.

Weight gain comes with several diseases hand in hand. So preventing more weight gain and instead trying to lose the excess body weight you already possess will not just improve health but your mood and confidence as well. Exercise even serves as a stress buster, so stop thinking much and opt for a routine workout.

There are several ways by which you can maximize your activity levels on daily basis. Some of them are as follows:

  • Use a fitness app or tracker gadgets to motivate yourself to move more.
  • Adding a routine of brisk walk post lunch and dinner is a best habit to opt.
  • Try to go for more walking talks rather than sitting chit chats.
  • Take your best company along like friends, spouse, dogs, or even music in your evening walks which helps in holding your interest and prevent you from giving up early.
  • Plan and set your daily target goals and keep changing them with an increase weekly or every other week.
  • Park your car a little farther to make you walk little more each day.


  • Go for stairs rather than lifts to increase your activity levels in your lifestyle.
  • Every little bit counts and certainly helps in long run, just keep going with determination by gradually increasing your walking duration and modifying its levels by route changing.

Conclusion On Weight loss

By adding simple to brisk walking into your daily routine, as a moderate-intensity exercise you may actually find a way to loose belly fat. Walking gives more than just a simple easy to do exercise, which includes several health benefits and decreased risks of developing diseases along with a better mood and happy and relaxed mind.

Moreover, walking just a mile per day helps in burning nearly 100 calories. Further combining walking with several other exercising options along with healthy diet can certainly give you faster and more effective results in the journey of weight loss.

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