Unplug From The Digital World To Live Healthily

Technology has played an influential role in our daily life. Ways to live healthily has also been taken over by apps and gadgets. As a result of which, people are moving towards a materialistic life. Hence, a digital detox is also necessary to de-stress your brain and your health. Researches show, that the current generation is more hooked to the digital world. Meaning they are heavy users of the technology. This will lead to sleep and cognitive health issues. Hence, the impact will be seen in their health as well as their brain. Due to which we have come up with innovative ideas to help you out.

Also, we will explore various factors that will help you to live healthily. However, knowing the facts and the statistics are crucial as well. It has been discovered that an average touch time of smartphones is 150 times a day. Thus, this portrays that one is inclined towards its smartphone for an average of 15 hours. Many are seen with multi-tasking as well. But it is said that one’s productivity reduces with multi-tasking. Hence, learn how you can improve your lifestyle with less technology.

Ways to Unplug from the Digital to Real Life

Choose a life that will help you live longer without health problems.

Maintain a Media Dairy

One tends to spend more time on the internet searching for various things. This automatically diverts your mind to various other sources. Hence, you can start with a media diary. It is actually good to go back to the old days. A media dairy will help a lot of you. It is great for those who are tracking their weight loss, ongoing treatment progress. Besides, one can also avoid their digital daily calendar. As a result, you will put less stress on your eyes. People with diabetes and heart problems should be more physically active. Thus, choose to live healthily instead of inviting health problems.

Step your Game up with Fruits & Vegetables

Live Healthily

Everyone of you are aware of the richness of vegetables and fruits. They are full of nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Make creative activities to involve all your family members. Or you can even try it with your friends if you live away from your family. Well, plant tiny vegetables and fruits at your home. With little invention and effort, one can create a vegetable garden in small spaces. This will help you to be with nature while nurturing the plants. Hence, add some homegrown fresh food in your diet.

Also, do some constructive work around your food habit consumption. Binge-watch your favorite shows with a bowl of fruits and salad. As a result, you will be even away from unhealthy food.

Old School Rules Still Works

Those who spend half of their day on a smartphone/laptop need to buckle up. Hence, it’s time to realize your actual needs. Try to stick out your head from the screen to the real world. Get enrolled in activities. Following any of your hobby or passion will always keep you busy. Thus, you will be far from the reach of your phone. Start playing your favorite sports or include cycling, swimming, dance, etc. A busy person will be left with a few minutes to check their phone. You will be far from various lifestyle diseases. Social media influencers can promote ways to live healthily in their wellness and creative blog posts.

Opt for a Digital Diet

The digital diet helps to plan your usage of the apps and gadgets. This is a similar way to that of the food diet. In a food diet, you follow a plan to avoid certain foods form your meal. Hence, in the same way, you can plan to avoid distracting apps. This will result in even some productive time for yourself. You can track your usage of technology. Hence, now you can utilize that extra time into your study/work and anything. People often complain they have less time. Well, this will increase your “me time”. Also, avoid reading online novels. And pick the books to read during your metro ride.

Leave Behind your Work at Office

Many are seen taking home their office work. This potentially increases one’s screen time. Thus, you juggle to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. One definitely needs to strike a balance. Hence, your family time increases. Leaving behind the work will let you spend more time with your parents, children, and wife/husband. There is an option of “out of office’’. Therefore, you can opt for that in your email. And try to avoid taking official calls after office hours. This will also reduce your stress. Your brain needs time to reboot to be active the next day. As a result of which hypertension will also be reduced.

Smart Advice

Download the “detach Apps” app on your smartphone. The app will help to block you from unnecessary apps. Thus, start following the trend to live healthily. With the right approach at the right time will save you from future diseases. Many diseases have already knocked on your door. Therefore, opting to detox media and other things will be beneficial for your health.