Try These Oil Free Indian Recipes Next Time You Cook

Today’s health-conscious generation is seeking new ideas in their food intake. As a result of which, food bloggers and chefs have come up with new trends. One such trend is oil-free Indian recipes! Every Indian household is incomplete without oil or ghee. But due to rising health issues and living a sedentary lifestyle has turned everyone health freak. Hence, even the older generation is also accepting healthy food. With the excess consumption of ghee, refine oil or mustard oil, there is an increased risk of various diseases. Diabetes, heart diseases, liver diseases, obesity, and many more diseases have already knocked on the door.

Therefore, it’s time to make a change in your cooking habits. However, many are seen in shifting to olive or coconut oil for cooking. But still, there are a lot of people who are sticking to their old methods. How about consuming your favorite Indian dish/cuisine that contains no oil? Yes, you read it right! Here is a list of oil-free Indian recipes that includes your favorite dishes.

List of Oil-Free Indian Recipes Good for Health

Oil-Free Biryani

Oil Free Indian Recipes

The oil-free biryani recipe goes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Just a small tweak in your preparation will turn out into a delicious biryani. For vegetarians, there are options for biryani. Hence, it includes paneer (cottage cheese), soya and vegetables.

You will need a non-stick pan for cooking purposes. And marinate the paneer, vegetables or soya, as usual. Instead of adding oil to your pan, you can directly add the mixture and cook it as usual. The same process goes for the chicken or mutton marinating. Therefore, every process is similar to earlier, except for the fact that there is no oil. This oil-free Indian recipe is good for diabetic and heart patients. They can still get all the health benefits from it. As a result, you can reduce your cholesterol level.

Dal Tadka turned into Oil-Free Darbari Dal

Dal tadka is every household’s favorite. But the daal takda is incomplete without the addition of sautéed ingredients like onion, red dried chili, etc. But you can add your favorite vegetables in the daal tadka instead of the Tadka ingredients. This will enhance the flavor of your daal. As a result, it will turn into a rich nutritious recipe. Dal is also known as lentils in other words. And lentils are rich in various minerals. It includes iron, magnesium, vitamin B-6, folate, potassium, etc. Thus, if you or kid is suffering from iron, magnesium deficiency, it will prove beneficial for your health.

Oil-Free Indian Snacks

Every snack need not be made out of oil. There are various options one can look out for. This oil-free Indian recipe will definitely help you to maintain a healthy weight. Instead of going for the popular oily Indian snacks such as samosas, pakoras, you have many more options. Hence, with your creative skills, you can also prepare delicious snacks at home. If you love momos or dimsums you can replace the flour wrap of momos with wheat (atta) wrap. And add your favorite vegetable mixture or chicken/shrimp in the filling. Steam momos are everyone’s favorite. Another snack is baked potatoes with cheese. Hence, if you are trying to maintain your weight, you can try these recipes. Besides, you can have baked sweet potato fries. However, it does not contain carbohydrates as compared to normal potatoes.

Oil-Free Indian Subzis

Next time you enter the kitchen to prepare lunch or dinner, remember this recipe. You can prepare a variety of oil-free Indian recipes for your lunch and dinner. There are various combinations of sabzis. You can opt for cauliflower potato combination. This is popularly known as aloo gobi sabzi. You can cook oil-free aloo gobi in a non-stick pan instead of an iron pan. Mix vegetable sabzi is another healthy recipe which is loved by everyone. You can follow the same process of preparing it. But you only need to use a non-stick pan. Cauliflower is rich in B vitamins and fiber. It is one of the healthiest vegetables. Also, every green vegetable is high in lutein, calcium, zeaxanthin, and antioxidants. It is good for your eyes and overall health.

Oil-Free Dessert (Carrot Halwa)

Yes, you can even prepare carrot halwa without any ghee. This is a popular dessert in every Indian household during winters. Now you can also prepare it simply following the same steps with just a small tweak in it. Use high fat milk for the carrots to get cooked. After its completely cooked, add milk fat or milk that is left behind when you boil the milk. By adding that milk fat the taste of the dessert will be enhanced. You can also opt-out of refined sugar and brown sugar or jaggery powder.  Thus, giving a small twist to your halwa will make it much healthier for consumption.

Healthy Tip for Cooking

Hence, the next time you cook, try out the above-mentioned oil-free Indian recipes. Also, you can replace your regular refine oil with coconut oil. And try to experiment with your daily food. It will bring a change in your taste buds. Hence, you can easily move on from oily food to oil-free food.

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