Top Potassium Rich Food And Its Various Health Benefits

Potassium is an important source of nutrition for the human body. However, even after the abundant quantity present in various food, our intake is lower than the required amount. And a low potassium diet leads to various health-related issues.

In most countries around the world, people are consuming less potassium than they should be for proper functioning. A healthy amount of intake is found to be 4.7 grams each day.

Statistics revealed that women, in particular, consume a very less amount in comparison to their male counterparts; even though they are the ones who need more energy for carrying out the various processes in life.

Why is Potassium Intake Important?

1.Problems in the Muscle:

Potassium is important for muscle structure and strength. It obstructs the path of communication between muscle fibers and the nerves in your body. An individual might suffer from excessive weakness or muscle cramps.

When there is less intake of potassium one can even suffer from paralysis.

2.Heart-related Problems:

Potassium is an important element for the proper functioning of the nerves which encircle your heart. They usually affect the cardiac muscle tissue because the nerve endings are attached to it. An individual complains of muscle contractions because of excessive depletion of this element.

3.Digestion Related Issues:

Potassium can affect your digestive system as well. People might complain of constipation, excessive bloating, dizziness, and pain around the abdominal section. This is because they are having a deficiency of potassium in the body.

Constant fatigue is associated with digestion related issues because of potassium depletion.

If you are already threatened by the above-mentioned issues, then you need to incorporate certain food items into your diet. These food items can increase the amount of potassium in the body.

Food Items that are Rich in Potassium:

1.Sweet Potato for Boosting your Heart Health:

This vegetable has around 25% of the recommended quantity of potassium in it.


Benefits of Potassium Loaded Sweet Potato:

  • Sweet potato is extremely beneficial for a person’s heart.
  • It has an abundant amount of Beta carotene which helps in strengthening the immune system.
  • It also contains vitamin C which can help in repairing blood vessels and arteries.

2.Salmon for Improving Nerve Functioning:

Salman contains about 20% of the required potassium intake for an individual. It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids and a lot of other minerals which are essential for the body.

Benefits of eating Salmon:

  • Salmon is found to be effective for improving the nervous functioning of an individual.
  • It helps to stabilize the blood pressure level.
  • During inflammation, consuming salmon is found to be helpful.

3.Banana, a Staple:

Banana is one of the most common sources of potassium. Including banana in your daily diet is even more helpful. Only a single banana is capable of providing 15% of the required intake of potassium in the body.

Benefits of Consuming Banana:

  • Helps in stabilizing the electrolyte in the body
  • Increases energy

Thus, banana is extremely helpful for people who wish to continue with a career in sports. Above all, it helps in keeping the person energetic throughout the day.

4.Lentils for gaining other minerals as well:

Apart from being a rich source of fiber, lentils also contain 10% of the recommended intake of potassium. Half a cup of lentils in your lunch or dinner is helpful. It also contains the goodness of copper and manganese in it. Lentils are also rich in dietary fiber, which makes it a desired choice.

Benefits of Consuming Lentils:

  • Lentils are good people suffering from various heart diseases. It helps in keeping the heart rate under control.
  • According to various statistics, lentils are also found to enhance the mineral density of bones in the human body, thus helping with strengthening it.

5.Milk, a Common Source of Potassium Intake:

Similar to lentils, milk is also one of the most abundantly present sources of potassium. Sadly, even after the large scale availability of milk everywhere, people tend to skip on it. Milk contains around 10% of potassium in a single glass.

Benefits of Milk:

  • Bone and teeth strengthening:

Milk contains a large amount of calcium and phosphorus in it. Because of which it is beneficial for daily intake for healthy teeth and bones.

  • Helps with increasing growth:

Milk helps in increasing the pace and magnitude of growth in a child.

  • Helps in controlling blood pressure:

Certainly, several studies around the globe show that milk is capable of controlling high or low blood pressure.

People who consume milk are at a lower chance of suffering from hypertension.

6.Avocado for Improving Vision:

Avocado holds about 30% of the suggested intake of potassium. It is one of that sources which contains a huge amount of potassium in it. Apart from an increase in this element, avocado has a lot of other benefits.

Benefits of Avocado:

  • Avocado helps in boosting the health of the heart:

Avocado helps in strengthening the health of the heart by stabilizing the cholesterol level in the body.

  • Enhances vision:

People suffering from a defect in their vision must consume avocado at any cost. Similarly, a lot of eye diseases like cataract, muscular degeneration can be avoided by consuming avocado.

Apart from increasing the amount of potassium in the body, all the above-mentioned food items are a storehouse of certain other elements as well. Intake of all those foods will benefit you. Above all, keeping the quantity of every mineral in the body is extremely important for proper functioning.

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