Top 7 Immunity Booster Food For Spring

Immunity booster food for spring can help you fight from many challenges. This is the end of winter where gardens are full of blossoms. You may see greenery and new leaves on the plants. The beautiful color of fresh leaves fills the heart with immense joy. Not to forget, by the end of winter, we feel less immune and lazy as well. This is the time of the year where days get sunny and evenings become cold. Hence, one cannot choose the appropriate clothing for this weather.

The weather change results in common flu and cold. When it comes to fighting aging flu and common disease, your immunity plays an important role. If your immunity system is strong, chances to fall ill reduces a lot. Your immune system detects the virus and bacteria around it. Further, it acts as a barrier or shield to the coming problems. Thus, choosing immunity booster food for spring will help in eliminating illness.

Here is the list of immunity booster food for spring this year. Make the right choice to maintain great health throughout the season.

Citrus Fruits

During this season, fruit markets are filled with citrus fruits. These fruits continue to summer as well. In the family of citrus fruits, vitamin C is found in excess. Hence, it helps in fighting cold and flu. Vitamin C helps in reducing the length of the time period of cold or flu. Furthermore, Vitamin C produces collagen in the body. Collagen strengthens your blood vessels and muscles. Therefore, these are responsible in building a good immunity system.

One should continue the consumption of citrus fruits throughout the season. Vitamin C helps in the generation of white blood cells. And this is well known for fighting against flu or infections. In order to maintain good health, it is important to eat this immunity booster food for spring. Common citrus fruits are oranges, lemons, lime, and grapefruits.


One cannot count the benefits of spinach as immunity booster food. The leafy green vegetable helps in strengthening the immunity system. The job is done by adding zinc to the immune system. Thus, zinc helps in healing at a faster rate and regrowth of cells. In addition to all these, zinc helps in the breaking of carbohydrates in the body. Not only zinc, but spinach is also loaded with Vitamin C. This is found in most of the immunity booster food for spring. Beta carotene is also found in it. Thus, these minerals help in fighting against infections.

Spinach and broccoli benefits are the best option. Hence, slight cooking enhances vitamin A present in them.


Greek yogurt is the best to consume in this spring season. Added probiotics help you fight against cold and flu. Additionally, it cleanses the bacteria from your body. Hence, it helps in better digestion. Having yogurt regularly, you won’t complain about the stomach problems. Yogurt is an ultimate source of vitamin D. Vitamin D promotes good immune health. Thus, it improves the natural defense system of the body.

Try to choose plain yogurt instead of the pre-flavored one. Those are loaded with sugar. Thus, it adds lots of calories to your body. Instead, you can add fruits or honey to sweeten the yogurt.


Broccoli is packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is packed with vitamin A, C, E as well as fiber. Due to the high content of fiber, it helps in digesting the food in your body. Similar to spinach, it should be cooked slightly or blanched. Therefore, broccoli is one of the healthiest options.


One should include a handful of nuts in their regular diet. It will keep many illnesses at bay. Among different types of nuts, few are loaded with zinc and others are loaded with selenium. Hence, both of these boosts the immune system. The highest content of selenium is present in brazil nuts.


Among the family of fungus, few are good while some are bad for health. Mushrooms are one of the beneficial ones. It boosts the generation of cells and fights against infections. Additionally, polysaccharides put them in the list of immunity booster food for spring.


Garlic is one ingredient that is used in almost all cuisines. Be it Indian or Continental, everyone loves to add garlic in their food. The intake of garlic in an empty stomach is very healthy. It keeps the illness away. Garlic contains sulfur in them. Hence, it is great for the immunity booster. Thus, taking garlic everyday helps in reducing the time period of illness.

Helpful Tip

Thus, ways to keep yourself healthy include regular exercise, eating the right foods. Additional contributing factor includes proper sleep time. Also, it is accompanied by hygienic conditions. Importantly in this category, one may choose their grocery list wisely to improve immunity. Thus, choosing healthy options will prove beneficial for your health.