Top 5 Preventive Test If You Are 30 Years Of Age

Preventive test and medicines can maintain your health for years.  When you are at a young age, you don’t need to worry about your health. You live freely and happily in all situations. But the after-effects start to appear when you reach or cross 30 years of age. Though, the preventive tests are important for people of every age. But at 30 years of age, you should approach the doctor for routine tests. One should not avoid taking a test even if they have a busy schedule.

Usually, depending on the problems, doctors suggest the test. There is a blood test for diabetes or urine tests for some other infections. But there are few tests one should take it while aging. Even when the person is completely healthy, should go for the tests. Here we are listing the important preventive tests when you reach 30 years of age.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

This test is used for the analysis of blood counts. It counts the whole red, white blood cells along with platelets. During viral fever or dengue, the number of platelets decreases. For a healthy person, the platelets count ranges between 150,000 and 450,000 platelets/mcl. Also, this will give the idea of how unwell a person is. In this case, the test is repeated at continuous intervals. This test is used for the diagnosis of almost all the diseases. One of the important ones is anemia. This occurs mainly due to the deficiency of iron in the body. Indian females reaching or crossing 30 years are suggested to have a check. As they become more iron deficient with aging. Further certain types of cancer are also detected through the test.

After 30 years of age, it is recommended to take the CBC test regularly. The test should be repeated after 12 months. This preventive test CBC alerts you from any future diseases. One should take care of the regular diet to avoid any diseases. It should include more of fruits and vegetables.

Blood Pressure Test

Preventive Test

If you are of the age of 20 to 39 years, you have more risks of high blood pressure. This test measures the blood rate when the heart pumps. Doctors usually suggest blood pressure check-up as a routine treatment. The test is very simple, inexpensive and quick. People having regular problems buy the machine to check at home. With this, they keep a track of the changing blood pressure. As a result, medicines and treatment can be started on time.

High blood pressure indicates hypertension. On the other hand, hypotension is the name for the lower level. Changes in food habits and exercise are the initial treatment. Further, not controlled by the food, few drugs are also prescribed by doctors. But the continuation of regular exercise is a must.

By keeping a track of blood pressure, certainly, you save your heart, kidney, and brain for a longer time period.

Lipid Profile Test

Cholesterol is a form of fat which we have in our body. It makes the outer skin membrane. But, a high level of bad cholesterol can create problems for your heart. Following these, there are two different forms of fat. One is a good one and the other is bad cholesterol.

The whole fat content along with it makes the lipid profile of your body. Lipid profile can be checked with the help of a simple blood test. Before going for the test, the person should not eat anything for 8 to 12 hours. The fasting is done to neglect the current food effect on fat content.

People aged 30 years are suggested to have a regular lipid profile check. At this age, bad cholesterol usually goes up. In order to control this, a small change in food habits can make a big count. One should take for this test in an interval of 1 year. The lowering of good cholesterol leads to various heart diseases. In order to keep your heart healthy, a preventive test is a must.

Liver Function Test (LFT)

This test diagnoses the health of your liver. It measures the protein level of the lever. Along with this, the enzymes and bilirubin are checked. The function of the liver is checked by a simple blood test. For people of every age, LFT is suggested in these cases:

  • To check liver damage due to hepatitis B and C.
  • Effects of medicinal treatment.
  • Keeping a check of treatment in liver damage.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking-related problem.

There are various other tests for a liver check-up. Certainly, adults aging 30 years are suggested to have this preventive test. It is said that liver function gets slower at old age. Further, people with liver damage suffer from tiredness, nausea, vomiting. One should immediately consult the doctor if going through such symptoms.

Thyroid Function Test

This test is performed to check the working of thyroid glands. These hormones when released help to regulate digestion and energy production.

If the gland is not producing enough hormones, the condition is called hypothyroid. Contrary to this condition is termed as hyperthyroid. Further, it leads to sudden weight loss or gain. People of 30 years of age have high chances of abnormal levels of thyroid. Importantly, this condition is seen mostly in females. The ratio of the affected females to males is 5:3. Adults and especially females should go for preventive tests. Medicines are given to control the hormonal change.

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