Top 5 Preventive Health Check Up To Take In Winter

It is important to go for a health check up in all the seasons. But winter comes with lots of challenges. There is a sudden drop in the temperature of the surrounding environment. Accordingly, our body finds it difficult to adjust to changes. There are various changes in weather like breezy air, low sunlight, and lesser humidity. Weather changes come with lots of trouble. People usually increase the intake of hot drinks like tea or coffee. All of us have low immunity in this breezy weather. In order to prepare yourself for winters, you should go for preventive health check ups. Further, the various tests will help you diagnose problems at an early stage if there is any. Here we are listing the top 5 preventive check up one should take in winters.

Blood Pressure Check Up

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Research studies have shown that the heart is the most targeted organ in winters. In this weather, the body feels more pressure in keeping the body temperature warm. This is because of the narrowing of arteries and veins. Hence, the heart feels more pressure in pumping blood. As a result, the person experiences hypertension. The chances of heart attacks are high in this weather. People aging 30 years or above find themselves exhausting in winters after small activities. They usually face more heart-related problems in winter. As a result, it is a must to have a preventive health check up for blood pressure.

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Not only older adults, but everyone should go for regular check up. The blood pressure test is fast and easy. Also, it does not take much time for the reports. This is the most common and mandatory test. This is performed whenever you go to the hospital. People who already have hypertension problems suffer more in this weather. In this test, a belt is wrapped around your arm and the pressure is measured.


Stay inside your house as much as possible. Also, wrap up with warm clothes while stepping out. Keep your body warm and avoid sudden changes in temperature. An additional tip is given for eating. One should take the meal in small portions.

Arthritis Check Up

In winters, the body stiffens up causing pain in motion. There is no specific reason for joint pain in winters. This is basically a joint infection. This may be caused by some injuries or lack of physical activities. The commonly known arthritis is osteoarthritis. In winters, pains persist for a longer time causing discomfort. Often, people feel depressed due to long term pain.

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Arthritis patients should be extra conscious of their physical activities. If you have the problem already or doubt about it, go for the preventive health check up. In the winters, go for the diagnosis of arthritis. Doctors diagnose the problem with the symptoms and movement of joints. In order to confirm the problem, an x-ray study along with a blood test is conducted. This will also help them to check the problem type.


Regular exercise is medicine for almost every problem. Further, one should keep themselves covered. Importantly, one should keep their hands and feet warm. Also, one can include swimming in their regular exercise routine.

Asthma Check Up

Asthma is related to the problems in respiration.  This is a widely experienced disease in the U.S. in winters. Low temperature with dry air is the root cause of the increased difficulty. Further, this can lead to asthma attacks in winters. In asthma attacks, air passage got narrowed causing difficulty in inhaling oxygen. People facing difficulty in breathing should go for the preventive health check up.

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Asthma-related problem is checked with lung functioning. These tests include spirometry and another related test. Spirometry is an easy test. In this breathing test, lungs are checked through the amount of air exhaled and also the speed of air coming out. This test is used to check blockage in the airways.


Exercise freak people should choose indoor gym exercises. Step out by covering your nose and mouth. Also, avoid the smoke zone area around you.

Flu Check Up

Flu is a viral infection to the body. In winters, flu can cause running nose, sore throat like problems. Additionally, the disease is transmitted from one person to another. In this case, the virus spreads and causes serious health problems. The only way to stay safe is to stay away from infected persons. According to the health institute, dry air in winter provides easy pathways for transmission.

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The health centers suggest starting the vaccine every 6 months for children. Diagnosis of flu includes rapid antigen testing, viral culture, etc.


Instead of the diagnosis and treatment, take precautions. Keep washing your hands after short intervals. Also, avoid touching surfaces in public places.

Eczema and Psoriasis Check Up

Winter comes with many skin problems. The most common is dry and itchy skin. Almost everyone in winter faces the dry skin problem. Dry air makes skin and lips drier. Further, dry skin, in the long run,can become serious problem. The problem with serious note can be a cause of eczema.

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One should take the health check up on time. Doctors prescribe body hydrating lotions for winter. Eczema is a kind of allergy checked through blood tests. A small amount of blood from the body can help in diagnosis. Along with this, medical history is needed.


One should keep their skin moisturized and hydrated. Keep drinking a lot of water in winter as well.

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