These Foods Make You Hungrier Than Usual

One would be surprised to know that certain foods make you hungrier as usual. First, let us understand hunger and related mechanism. Hunger is the body condition where it needs food. More you feel hungrier, the more food you will have. The condition is felt by the stomach. Hence, you have an empty stomach feeling. In some cases, the stomach starts making a weird noise. Whereas in others, people experience headaches and lose concentration as well. In this case, you cannot focus on anything but on the food.

The time you start feeling hungry depends on your metabolism. In case your digestive system is fast enough, you will feel hungry earlier. On the other hand, slow digestion cases demand food later. Hence, the rate of getting hungry varies from person to person. Other factors contributing to this are the food type and physical activity one has throughout. For example, fiber-containing foods are easily digestible. Also, it helps other foods to be converted into energy. Certainly one does not expect that few foods make you hungrier. But there are foods which help in eating more and more food.

Below is the list of foods that make you feel hungrier than usual rate.


Foods Make You Hungrier

Croissants with the morning latte make a perfect breakfast for everyone. These are specially baked bread with a lot of butter applied in the layers. Most of the people relate food to satisfaction. But, rating this bread in terms of satisfaction, the score is not good enough. In fact, this comes in the category of foods that makes you feel hungrier. It does not have anything healthy yet tastes delicious. In fact, this bread is loaded with fats only with a mix of white flour and butter. Fats give an instant energy spike which drops at a much faster rate. Hence, it adds calories to your body without filling the stomach. Replacing this with a whole grain toast and poached eggs will work great for breakfast.

Low-Fat Yogurt

Chewing makes food easily digestible and gives you a feeling of sufficiency. In this respect, yogurt lags behind. That is why it is kept in the list of foods that make you hungrier. Especially the low-fat yogurt consists of added sweeteners. These are not good for your health. In the series, flavored yogurt is full of sweeteners as well. It can spike your blood sugar level. Hence, one should always check the list of ingredients and the nutrition proportion. These types of foods make you hungrier. The healthier replacement would be an addition of fresh fruits and nuts to plain yogurt. Chunks of fruits give you the chewing process leading to fullness.

White Rice

White rice is full of carbohydrates only. Hence, the inclusion of white rice on a regular basis makes you fatter. The reason behind it is the carbohydrate and fats present in white rice. Almost every Indian is fond of white rice with a variety of curry. White rice gives the energy rise and crashes as well. In this case, switching to brown rice makes you healthier. An additional tip would be not to overcook it.

Egg Whites

Usually, you are advised to have the white portion of an egg when you are trying to reduce fat. In such cases, the yellow portion is not consumed. But if you do not have the yellow portion of the egg, you may not feel completely filled. This is because of the reason yolk is considered a complete protein. It is full of amino acids in them. Hence, egg whites’ type of foods make you feel hungrier. The advice will be to consume a whole egg rather than the white portion only.

Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks are everyone’s favorite during the summer. When you have drinks with soda, it’s kind of leaves your stomach empty. Hence, you tend to consume more. That why people gain a lot of calories in order to satisfy their craving buds. Additionally, the sugar present in fizzy drinks is not good for your health. It makes you feel hungrier than usual. Also, alcohol comes among the foods make your hungrier list. People in European countries love Fizzy drinks. They add regular water with added soda. But, in India, people prefer such drinks mostly during summer.

Packaged Juices

The juices are considered great when it comes to weight loss. When you are cutting off your diet, juice keeps you hydrated. But the problem is, they make you binge on snacks and other foods. This happens because of the sugar content present in them. Since they are low on fat and hence digested easily by your body. Additionally, they lack fiber and protein in them. These are the top three ingredients that help you in feeling full. Another disadvantage would be the high sugar content shoots up your blood sugar level.

Cereals with Artificial Sweeteners

Cereals are one of the healthiest choices of breakfast. But when it comes to artificially sweetened cereals, they are not that great. These are the worst foods that make you hungrier. Therefore, rather than filling your stomach, it makes you hungrier in some time. Also, one may gain weight due to added sugar in them. Also, the chances of high blood sugar are in trouble.

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