These Are The Reasons You Can’t Sleep Well

If you can’t sleep well repeatedly, it leads to fatigue and restlessness. During a normal pattern, a person crosses four different stages of sleep. One continuously goes through different stages of the NREM stages. Stage1 is light sleep while deep and calm is the fourth one. NREM is abbreviated for non-rapid eye movement stage. Thus, if your cycle is proper, you will have various problems. It includes the lack of paying attention, can’t concentrate enough and feeling tired most of the time.

Out of the various reasons, few are serious and others are normal. Thus, one goes through a disturbed sleeping pattern. Due to which, it even affects the person’s daily schedule.

Circadian Rhythm Disorders

Nighttime sleeping credit mostly goes to a busy work schedule during the day. An equally important reason for this is the interaction between nap and alertness. This is governed by the internal brain clock. This is the small part of the brain sitting on the nerves. Further, these nerves are attached to the back of the eyes.

Change in the daily routine and exercise can change the clock timing. Accordingly, it can move forward or backward. Disorder related to this problem is called circadian rhythm disorder.

Mainly, people experience difficulty with time adjustment. People usually experience jet lag.  Further, adjustment to work shift changes also matters. And sleeping late even after lying on the bed for hours is not good. In contrary to late naps, sleeping early and getting up too early is also one of the problems.


 Can't Sleep

People with this disorder always feel the need of sleeping more. The feeling of not sleeping enough always troubles them. Clearly, this could happen due to early waking up or lack of continuous nap. People getting up frequently in the night can be a risk. Insomnia could be a problem if it starts affecting your daily routine. The possible causes of insomnia are anxiety, bad sleeping habits, stress, and certain medicines as well.

People with Circadian rhythm disorder can also experience insomnia. On the other hand, short term disorder can be raised up by drinking too much coffee in the daytime. In more serious cases, people can even feel irritation at the time of sleeping. Subsequently, if the condition continues for many years, it leads to serious health issues. In addition, to all the factors, people consuming drugs and alcohol more than normal dosages also suffer.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

In a modern lifestyle, snoring has become most common. The noise comes when the inhaled airstrike on the tissues of the throat. Snoring is a problem for the person himself as well as to others. Sometimes, the problem is only sound. In other cases, it could be a sign of a serious problem named sleep apnea.

In the case of this condition, the air passage can be blocked sometimes. Further, this can lead to the interruption of regular breathing. As a result, you can’t take a continuous nap. If this is not taken care of, it can lead to the risk of high blood pressure. On a more serious note, it can create the risk of heart attack or stroke as well.

In a few cases, the problem is triggered by other problems. It can be asthma or allergies. Thus, it can create difficulty in breathing. People generally relate snoring to obesity. In contrast, sleep apnea can affect people of any weight, sex, and age.

Pregnancy and Sleep

During the first trimester, women generally experience lower sleep and fatigue in the day time. This might continue in the third trimester of the pregnancy as well. At this time, many parameters can affect the sleep pattern of a pregnant woman. A few of them are morning sickness, urge to pee again and again in the earlier stage of pregnancy. At a later stage, physical discomfort can lead to a lack of sleep.


This is referred to as a brain condition where a person sleeps excessively during the daytime. There is a myth that it is related to family history. But the connection is not clear so far. Some people experience it without any family history. In some serious cases, people experience sleep attacks during the daytime. Whereas, most of the times it is just related to continuous day sleep.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Adults or older age people generally experience this syndrome. They feel restlessness in legs and feet at night. In order to get temporary relief, they keep on moving their legs. Sometimes, cycling movement or some kind of exercise can help temporarily.  This can wake up people frequently at night and have sleepless nights sometimes. Thus, the main cause could be some kind of deficiency. On the other hand, this could be a sign of kidney failure or nerve disorder.

Nightmares, Night Terror and Sleepwalking

Nightmares are the scary dreams in the REM sleep.  This generally arises due to anxiety or stress. There is particularly no cause or reason for it. On the other hand, in NREM sleep, other problems like sleepwalking and night terrors are noticed. Most of the time, this happens in children aged 3 to 5 years. Sometimes, the children are frightened due to dreams terror even after waking up. In addition, the other problems are walking and talking in the NREM stage.

Hence, if you are facing any such sleep patterns, start changing your routine. Add more physical activity or an evening walk. It will help you sleep better at night.

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