The Effects Of Alcohol On Diabetes

In this article we will understand effects of alcohol on diabetes. It is a disease where the level of blood sugar or blood glucose in the body is too high. The blood glucose comes from the food we eat which is the main source of energy. The insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas and helps glucose to get into the cells from the food. Diabetes cannot be cured it is a disease that stays with you for the lifetime. The person suffering from diabetes has to take care to maintain diabetes and stay healthy.

Types of diabetes

  • Type 1 diabetes– If a person suffering from type 1 diabetes then the body does not create insulin and it destroys the cell in the pancreas and affects the immune system of the body. It is curable only in children and teenagers and the person suffering from type 1 diabetes have to take insulin every day to stay alive.
  • Type 2 diabetes– The type 2 diabetes is mainly seen in middle age and older people although it can happen at any age. It is the most common type of diabetes where your body does not make insulin or cannot properly use insulin.
  • Gestational diabetes- Gestational diabetes is that type o diabetes which is found in women who are pregnant. Mostly after the baby is born this type of diabetes goes away. But if a woman is suffering from gestational diabetes then there is a greater chance of having type 2 diabetes later.

Consequences of drinking much on diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes and you drink alcohol then the level of blood sugar in your body can either increase or decrease. Drinking alcohol is advisable only if your blood sugar level is controlled properly because alcohol contains a lot of calories. People suffering from diabetes must be very careful before drinking alcohol as it may cause many complications. If you are a regular drinker then you must consult with your doctor before drinking alcohol regularly and if you drink occasionally then you may have but in a limited quantity.

The 10 effects of drinking on diabetes are as follows:

  • Rise or fall of blood sugar-

    A small amount of alcohol may raise your blood sugar level and on the other hand, excess alcohol may decrease your blood sugar level. If you are suffering from type 1 diabetes then drinking alcohol may be dangerous for you as it may drop your blood sugar into a dangerous level.

  • Beer and wine may raise the blood sugar

    Beer and wine may increase the level of blood sugar in the body as it contains carbohydrates in it. So it is advisable to the diabetes patient to avoid beer and wine.


  • Stimulates appetite

    – Alcohol may cause you to overeat as it stimulates your appetite. This can affect the blood sugar level in your body.

  • Excess weight-

    Alcohol makes it difficult for the people suffering from diabetes to lose excess weight as alcohol contains a lot of calories.

  • Affects willpower-

    alcohol may affect your willpower and judgement and it may lead to poor food choice for yourself and it may lead to increase or decrease your blood sugar level in your body.

  • Prevents the liver

    Liver stores the glucose so that it can supply a sufficient amount of glucose when you have not eaten any food. But alcohol prevents the liver from doing its job as the liver starts removing the alcohol from the blood instead of regulating blood glucose. So it is advisable to avoid alcohol when you have low blood sugar.

  • Causes hypoglycaemia-

    The alcohol may make the level of blood sugar fall. It may cause hypoglycaemia or insulin shock after drinking alcohol for few minutes. It is always better to check the blood sugar level after drinking alcohol to be safe. Eat a snack if you see that the blood glucose is low as it will bring up the blood glucose level.

  • Affect the diabetes medicine

    Drinking alcohol will either increase or decrease the blood glucose level. There are many diabetes pills which also lowers the blood sugar level by allowing the pancreas to make more insulin. In that case, it may cause insulin shock or hypoglycaemia by combining the effect of blood sugar lowering.

  • High blood pressure– Drinking a lot of alcohol by a person suffering from diabetes may increase blood pressure level. So it is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Other health issues-

    Drinking alcohol on a regular basis may also cause other health issues such as flushing, slurred speech, nausea and increased heart rate.


Here are some guidelines which are required to be followed by the people who are suffering from diabetes and still consume alcohol-

  • Drink in limit

    drink one or two glass of alcohol in a day. Do not drink more than one or two drinks. If you are a man then have two drinks in a day and if you are a woman then have one glass of alcohol in a day.


  • Drink with food

    do not drink alcohol in an empty stomach as alcohol is absorbed in the bloodstreams and food slows down the rate. Have food rich in carbohydrate when you are drinking.

  • Check your blood sugar

    always check your blood sugar before having alcohol because it prevents the liver from producing glucose in the body. So it is important to know your blood glucose level.

  • Avoid sugary beverages

    always avoid sugary beverages such as cold drinks, mixed drinks, cordials or sweet wines as it may increase your blood sugar level.

  • Do not drink liquor without mixing

    always mix the liquor with club soda, water or diet soft drinks do not drink the liquor raw as it contains calories.

  • Drink slowly

    drink alcohol slowly. In order to be hydrated keep a zero alcohol drink and zero sugar by your side all the time.

  • Use calorie-free and sugar-free

    if you are taking a hard drink always mix calorie-free and sugar-free mixer to your hard liquor.

So this article provides you with the basic knowledge about diabetes, types of diabetes, effects of alcohol on diabetes and also the guidelines that must be followed by a diabetes patient. So if you are a diabetes patient and drink alcohol this information will definitely guide you.

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