Best ways to stay hydrated (apart from water!)

Are you drinking enough water? If you are one of those people who forget to gulp in the goodness of water or have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow them, or maybe it’s just not your thing, you may be experiencing signs of dehydration that you may be ignoring.

Fatigue, headache or lightheadedness, and even irritability are all signs of lack of water. Our system literally runs on 70 percent water, so naturally we need it to regulate body temperature, lubricate our joints, digest food and even enable our organs to perform their best.

Nothing can compare water, but there are a few alternatives you may want to consider as a substitute for water to stay hydrated.

Eat to hydrate:

Who says you can’t consume water in the form of food? It’s ideal and in fact recommended we take 20 percent of our daily water intake through food. Soup, yoghurt as well as oatmeal are healthy and fluid-filled options, and summer fruits and vegetables can also help you with hydration.

Cool as cucumber:

No matter how you like your cucumber, as a salad or as a smoothie, they keep your body cool and are the best water-rich option, with 96 percent water. What’s amazing is that they don’t have any saturated fat at all and are very high in iron, vitamin B6 and iron.

Go tropical:

Unlike sports beverages, coconut water is extremely low in carbohydrates while still being rich in potassium. It’s low fat content and quick rehydration properties make it ideal irrespective of the lifestyle you have.

Lettuce think about it:

With 96 percent water, lettuce is a great option for hydration but isn’t high on nutrients, so you could also opt for romaine and spinach for amping up the nutrition value of your green diet.


The name says it all, and this juicy fruit is a major contender when it comes to the list of thirst quenchers. Its salt, calcium and magnesium reserves make it ideal for keeping hydrated and fit.


Also remember that be it summers or the winter season, your body needs water to function, and your brain needs it to keep you at your happiest self.

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