Squamous cell Carcinoma – Kind of Cancer: Cure or No cure

Squamouscell carcinoma known condition of skin-cancer found in humans. Indians are very much prone to affect to get this kind of cancer.  The Indian civilians are having maximum direct contact to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation than another country. It is really glad news that squamous cell carcinoma considered that unique cancer. Squamouscell cancer can be healed if diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

Squamous cell carcinoma

The condition of unusual growth in the squamouscell is identified in the skin’s primary layer. The Epidermis stands skin’s primelayer. Early diagnosis and therapy are possible since it is easily visible and sensed. It looks like a smooth, skin-colored bump or a patch that is growing and it may also look like warts with sores with prominent borderline.  The squamouscell carcinoma may affect like brim of the ear, lips, neck, hands, upper and lower arms, scalp if it is bald. The prime causative factors are UV-rays in sunlight, tanning bed, and UV-ultraviolet lamp. As like other cancer condition, the squamouscell carcinoma also transmits to lymph-nodes and then it will distribute across other vital organs of the body.

Who is likely to acquire 

  • Elder people
  • Male
  • Fair-skinned
  • Constant exposure to sunlight
  • History of skin cancer
  • past history of sunburn
  • worsened immunity
  • using Tanning beds
  • rarely hereditary condition

Carcinomas Diagnoses

Any suspicious and abnormal growth has to be reported to the physician without delay. Based on the physical assessment and past medical history, the physician can plan the required investigation procedure. The physician takes a sample tissue from the affected area for biopsy.  Biopsy confirms the diagnosis and provides complete information about the stage of cancer and necessary treatment.

Curable when diagnosed early

When diagnosed in the early stage it is curable and it also reduces the damage level. Squamouscell carcinoma has the character of spreading and rising in a slow manner. It remains in the boundaries of the epidermis for some time. This phase is called “Stage 0”. At this juncture, it can be medicated well with medication and radiation therapy. Recurrence of this disorder will be minimal. It is not a fatal condition.

Non – curable when detected late

It is said to be “Non – curable” When the cancer cells grow more than 2centimeters. Cancer transfers to the lymph-nodes and other neighboring organs. They also penetrate the inner tissues which may lead to major deformity. Occasionally it may cause the loss of affected area and nerve or muscle damage. It is a fatal condition,

Defeat cancer with prompt treatment

The medical practitioner proposes the appropriate treatment as per the type of carcinoma, position, measurement and present stature of the affected person. Initial period squamous cell carcinoma patient can undergo treatment in an outpatient clinic. Indeed, MMS (Mohs-Micrographic-surgery) recommended as the effective treatment and helps in preventing the relapse of the disease condition.

Risks of relapse

Generally, Cancer has more probability and a chance to recur. It may recur in the same site or the neighboring areas. More chances for squamous cell carcinoma reappears post medication and surgery within two years. Cancer reappears even after clinical eradication of squamous-cells carcinoma too. Squamous cell carcinomas on nose, ear, and lips have more chances of relapse.

Few valuable tips to prevent Carcinoma

  • Minimize sunlight exposure during 10 am – 4 pm
  • Take precautionary actions to avoid sunburns
  • Use full wraps and UV-Ultraviolet – blocking sunglasses
  • Apply a  suntan lotion with 15- SPF or more
  • Use sunscreens for babies above the age of six months.
  • Do dermatology investigation once in a year.
  • Use shades in the hot sun

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