Snacking option to manage diabetes

Satisfying hunger attacks with snacks

Do you often feel the urge of having a snack in diabetes condition? If yes, then it is easy to satisfy those monster cravings which makes you grab a box of cookies lying nearby you. Healthy snacking is a must while you are suffering from diabetes. Because it not only curbs short hunger but also keeps your glucose levels steady along with nourishing the body with all the possible vitamins and minerals. So, simply say no to yourself for those unhealthy mini-meals. Try to keep all unhealthy snacks away from your reach.

A snack must only be of small portion size and not entirely like any full meal of the day. Give importance to snack diet it must include more of protein content and lesser of carbohydrates. The body takes more time to process and digest proteins as compared to carbohydrates which even raise glucose levels in the blood. Also, proteins make you feel full for longer than carbohydrates because of their long metabolism time.

The body of every person is different and to know the specific numbers of allowed carbohydrate daily intake. You may reach out to your physician or a dietician. Also if you opt any new diet plans always remember to monitor your sugar numbers more often before and after meals besides the fasting numbers. Don’t wait for an appointment and quickly get to know your Sugar Numbers.

Different categories to choose for snacking in Diabetes


There is a variety of healthy vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy or soy products which can be eaten by adding small portions in the main course or as the snacking options. While suffering from diabetes you must be very cautious in choosing every meal so as to avoid any blood sugar level spike.


Few diabetes-friendly snacking options


  1. Hard-Boiled Eggs:

This is a super healthy option for snacking for people with diabetes. It makes a protein-rich diet and 1 hard egg serves nearly 6 g of protein. The blood sugar level remains in control and does not shoot up after a protein-rich diet. Also, it makes one feel full for longer durations and helps manage type 2 diabetes and has links with obesity and overweight indulgence with overeating. Boiled eggs can be eaten alone or with some toppings but be wise in choosing toppings as well.


2. Yogurt with Berries:

This is an amazing diabetes-friendly snack for several reasons. Firstly, the antioxidants of the berries help in inflammation reduction and it even prevents cell damage to the pancreas, the organ mainly responsible for hormone release to lower blood sugar levels. Secondly, berries contain ample of fiber which helps in making one feel full and also lowers cholesterol levels.

Adding yogurt with berries doubles its impact to help with lowering blood sugar levels. Yogurt contains probiotics and improves the ability of the body to metabolize sugar infused foods. It is also rich in protein content mainly the Greek yogurt.

Also, berries with yogurt are delicious together as a snack. The sweetness of the berries is balanced out by the yogurt tartness.

  1. Almonds:

It is nutrient rich and diabetes-friendly as well as easy to reach out snack. It also helps in sustain blood sugar levels without causing a spike since it contains protein, fiber, and healthy fats, side by side it quenches short hunger. 1 ounce of almond serving provides nearly more than 15 vitamins and including minerals like manganese and riboflavin.

Almonds also help in reducing blood cholesterol levels and manage weight and these are the factors which impose a risk of diabetes type 2. So ideally almonds are good for combating with type 2 with ease. They are also high in calories so portion size must be thoughtful while eating. A handful of almonds are sufficient to quench hunger and give all the benefits for a day.

4. Veggies with hummus:

Hummus is mainly a creamy spread made up from chickpeas. It tastes awesome when it is paired up with raw veggies. Both of them are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber content. Hummus also provides lots of protein content. All these help in controlling the blood sugar levels if eaten as a snack. Hummus can be used as a dip along with vegetables like broccoli, carrots, capsicum, bell peppers, carrots, and cauliflower saute in olive oil or boiled.


  1. Avocado:

In diabetes, avocado helps in managing blood sugar levels. They are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber content. Further monounsaturated fats are healthy ones which prevent sugar spike after a meal. Over the years in several research monounsaturated fats have been known to help in significant improvement of sugar levels especially in people with type 2 diabetes. Avocado is high in calorie content so small portion form one-fourth to one-half must be taken in a one specific snack meal.

Tips to remember while snacking


  • Always be very watchful about the portion size of your meals and keep it small
  • Go for a balanced meal with a punch of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats (monounsaturated ones), and water. Always keep the carbohydrate content to a minimum as it spikes the sugar levels.
  • Avoid snacking or eating in front of the TV or gaming to avoid mindless overeating.
  • Always keep healthy eating options within your reach and keep the unhealthy options in the closet or away from an easy reach.


Diabetes can be controlled with the help of medications and few dietary changes. Excess hunger is a common symptom of it and to curb it keep snacking with small portions of healthy foods to keep you full and satisfied.

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