How to give tender and loving care to keep your liver healthy

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Your liver is the largest organ in the body and lies underneath your ribs, acting as a filter to clean up your toxins, storing vitamins and iron, as well as detoxifying the blood and producing bile.

It’s time you realize it needs some care from time to time, especially when we tend to indulge in unhealthy food and alcoholic drinks. From dehydration to constipation as well as dry skin and hair, a stressed our liver does drop hints.

The good news though even if you fail to notice the hints is that you can continue to keep your liver healthy throughout with:

Superfood can be your superhero:

Superfoods work as stimulants for your liver. Vegetables rich is glutathione detoxify the liver – add carrots, beetroot, kale and tomatoes to your diet. They are versatile, healthy and detoxifying. Spinach is another miracle of nature that triggers toxin cleaning enzymes and keep the liver healthy.

Munch on more fruit:

While most may be high in sugar, the right quantities of fruits can heal the liver and keep your metabolism working well. Grapefruits are very high in antioxidants and vitamin C as well; citrus fruits, in general, come with detoxifying enzymes and cleanse the digestive tract, and so do apples.

liver healthy

Make a brew:

If you are a herbal tea lover already, you can rejoice as all herbal teas do good to your body. While dandelion tea, for instance, helps your liver break down facts that produce amino acids, and as per research, it can transport toxins away from the liver. Green tea as well comes packed with antioxidants called catechins, assisting liver function.

P.S. Your liver’s biggest enemy is alcohol. When you go on a binge, your liver needs to work overtime to get rid of alcoholic toxins. Warm water and lemon can help de-stress your liver, not only when dehydrated but on waking up every day. And the best friend of your liver and body, in general, is water, as it boosts the flow of nutrients to and from the liver. Spices are great for the liver too. Add more turmeric to your diet for a happy liver and better immunity, and garlic as well.

When your body isn’t able to process excess fatty food, salt, iron and vitamin A, they are stored in the liver and cause it to function abnormally. Inflammation in the liver can then lead to cirrhosis or “scarring of the liver.” Care for your liver.

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