Recommended sugar intake for adults

 Overview of sugar

Sugar is nowadays an essential component of the modern diet. It has no physiological benefit except to provide a sweet taste to the tongue. Still, people prefer consuming lots and lots of added sugar in their foods. In the long run, it only ruins and causes damage to the body organs. Eating too much of it causes weight gain and lead to overweight and obesity situations which are hard to tackle.

There are mainly two types of sugars which people consume:

  • Naturally occurring sugars like which have a natural origin and are found in fruits in the form of fructose and lactose in milk.
  • Added sugars like sweeteners which are added to foods or beverages during their preparation. Like adding sugar to tea and coffee or in the cereal meal. These sweeteners can further be regular sugar or calorie-free sugar substitutes-artificial sweeteners.

How much amount of daily sugar intake is safe?

Unfortunately, this question has no straight answer to it. Because everybody is different and their metabolism, tastes etc. varies. Few people can eat sufficient amounts of sugar without any harm, whereas others might have to avoid even a bit of it. Disease conditions like hyperglycemia, diabetes, and heart diseases etc. makes it complicated to decide the required daily sugar amounts.

sugar intake

However as per the American Heart Association (AHA), a daily added sugar amount of:

  • 150 calories daily or 37.5 grams or simply 9 teaspoons of sugar is the maximum limit for men.
  • 100 calories daily or 25 grams or simply 6 teaspoons

If you are fit and healthy with a lean and active structure then probably the recommended sugar amounts will be okay for your body. Since the body seems to possess good metabolism and blood sugar control. Else if you are not so healthy and fit then reconsider adjusting these sugar amounts to further lesser quantities. Plan your daily sugar intake after knowing your blood sugar levels so just click here to get a Blood Sugar Test. After knowing if your body is doing good with excess sugar or not you might later discuss the daily dose of sugar you can consume.

Also, there is no point in consuming food items with added sugars since it has nothing to give your body as benefits and it loses any physiological purpose. So the lesser you will consume it the healthier you will be.

Are you obese or overweight and have worries about diabetes?

In case you are obese or overweight or even suffer from diabetes then probably you must simply choose to avoid any forms of sugar in the foods you have. The occasional indulgence in sugar like once every two weeks or once a month but in small portions can still be acceptable to curb your cravings.

To be healthy it is best for you to stick with the healthy diets like proteins, vitamins, minerals, limit amount of monounsaturated fats, and fiber. Avoid processed unhealthy foods and junk fast food items. Keep yourself hydrated so all the toxins are properly flushed out of your system and try some exercises. Also limit the number of carbohydrates as well to prevent any reason as an invite for diabetes. Since obesity is one of the risk factors for diabetes. However, by taking precautions and taking good care of yourself by eating healthy, you may prevent it.

How to reduce sugar intake in the diet?

To avoid sugar consumption in the diet you must simply learn to avoid things which are infused with sugar like:

  1. Soft drinks:

    They are fully loaded with sugar and have no benefits to give your body so simply stop consuming them. Even the fruit juices are loaded with sugars so freshly prepared ones must only be consumed.

  2. Candies and sweets:

    You must limit your consumption of sugar-coated sweets and candies since there is no fun in piling up the sugar sacs inside.

  3. Baked goods:

    Cakes and cookies etc. contains refined carbohydrates and sugars and must be consumed in very fewer amounts.

    sugar intake

  4. Sweet addiction:

    In case eating sweets has some emotional concerns for and makes you feel happy beside anything else then probably you have its addiction. So it is best for you to completely abandon it off. Instead, you can go for the natural sweetener like Stevia which is a sugar alternative with a virtually zero calorie.

  5. Low-fat or diet foods:

    This kind of food contains high sugar contents since most of the fat is removed.

  6. Dried fruits:

    These are high in calories and one needs to avoid.

  7. Avoid all kinds of processed food:

    These, rich in sugar contents and one should avoid instead relish your taste buds with fruit sugars by eating fruits and all the possible unprocessed foods. Always check labels before you buy anything and avoid a food in which label says more than one or two types of sugar.

Instead of sugar make use of other flavors like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, almond extract, vanilla, and lemon etc. in the recipes. Even after eliminating sugar from the diet you might still be able to enjoy different flavors and recopies just search the best ones for yourself.



Everyone is unique in terms of taste. Someone likes to have a little bit of sugar and others like a binge eating drooling all over sugary stuff. Few people can tolerate good amounts of sugar intake without putting on much weight whereas there are others who are already obese and their systems do not do much good with excess sugars except causing weight gain. It is usually, said the more you eat sugar the more you crave for it. Well, it depends how good control you have over your cravings and what you consider worth eating for yourself. Whatever, it is being wise to choose the amount of daily sugar intake as per the demand of your body and not just by taste.

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