10 Hacks To Protect Your Lungs From Toxic Air Pollution

We cannot overestimate the constant fear of unhealthy lungs the city dwelling masses harbor in their heavily burdened hearts. Media is replete with weather reports, which has become a Bible for people, who consult it without fail before stepping out of their homes. Very often, Google Weather predicts a horrendous ‘Smoke’, which would have been comical had it not being so unfortunate.

Our lungs are assaulted day in and day out, and that is before counting the egregious ways of cigarette addicts adding to the already unsurmountable climate issues we face. Sometimes, I think we should lose all hope and make a beeline for Himalyas; and for this thought precisely, people would mock me in disdain, some for bringing up the thought for polluting the sacred mountains, some for assuming that they are any less polluted by human activities.

The point is, is there no place that a person can go and simply exercise her right of breathing clean air?

I remember the astounding articles in papers where some Chinese companies were selling packaged mountain air, and thought my brain would take leave of me and retire to the mountains (and I think, this aerophobia will get the better of me, mountains are a recurrent though in my mind). We need the city, and we need the development and of course, we need the smoke. It is inevitable. Stubble burning is inevitable, and so is the unbelievable number of new cars they introduce to the old roads and keep on making our lives difficult, leaps at a time. Life is difficult for lungs, and they are screaming for help.

The two boggy organs of ours that take in a lifetime of toxic gases we like to call air have accumulated enough carbon to paint themselves coal black literally. I wonder if the word air itself is euphemism that we city dwellers have invented to cause mass delusions of good health and clean lungs. If you take someone’s lung and cut it into pieces (provided the person is dead, of course!), and look at it, it would contain too much black pigment, which, of course is all the coal. It is often taught to be normal finding in an adult.

The only thing that you can do to keep your lungs in the pink of health (well, healthy lungs are literally pink) is to never breathe! This is along the same line of cancer, where the standard tomes of medical knowledge teach you that the only way to avoid cancer is never being born.

But, keeping an optimistic attitude, here are the ten things you can do to protect your lungs (and only so much you can do while living in metros):

  • Avoid smoking AND smokers:

Ad nauseam we have been taught to keep away from the noxious and glorified pack of carcinogens and masculinity; we fail to do it every time. We already have so much smoke on our plate, why add some more concentrated venom? Addicts should see counsellors, and take smoking family members too.

  • Be aware of the Occupational Hazards

Having knowledge of how your livelihood can affect your lung function; adversely is important in avoiding the hazards and living long without debilitating diseases; constantly decreasing the quality of your precious life.

  • Have a working knowledge of Allergens/Pollen/Smog.

A large number of people are suffering from Allergic Rhitinitis and other allergic diseases; such as Asthma, which exacerbate due to some allergens like pollen, hay, house dust and so on. People should talk to experts; try to find out the reason of their issues, and take all measures to avoid them.

Air Pollution

  • Knowing about Chronic Lung Diseases’ Symptoms.

Symptoms such as wheeze, cough, breathlessness and the likes are a telltale sign of an obvious, probably nasty disease. Knowing a little about them might help you and your physician catch the culprit in the early stages. The great thing is, most respiratory diseases are totally reversible in the early stages.

  • Vaccinations

Vaccine is the key to the New World Order. Vaccinating your children against childhood diseases will take them far in life (respiratory diseases are top killers of children). Most of us do that, along with forgetting to vaccinate our elderly. Which is where we are failing our families. As age advances, our immunity wanes, and the long forgotten killers can attack us. Vaccinating our elders against Pneumococci and flu is indispensable, if you want to be a responsible daughter/son.

We have to incorporate healthy habits in our lives, and that, my friends, no one can do for us. The onus is totally upon us.

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