Prostaquil Capsules: the Benefits and the Side Effects

Prostaquil capsules are Mother Nature’s gift to the men with urinary symptoms and BPH. It said to contain aphrodisiac properties. Proven benefits in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia has made Prostaquil capsule a hit among this certain patient population. Added to that, we have to agree that natural products always seem to have way fewer side effects that synthetic ones. Hence, it is understandable that Prostaquil is considered as a serious option while medications are discussed among patients.

The fact that genito urinary health is a crucial part of anyone’s overall health status cannot be, stressed upon enough. Males, in their 50s and 60s, find urinary retentions problems to be very common. These are collectively called LUTS, that is, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms. These include hesitation, dribbling, poor stream, residual urine and an uncomfortable sense of inadequate evacuation of urine. All these make life unbearable for a BPH patient, causing them to be facing high levels of stress too.

The Benefits of Prostaquil Capsule

The natural wonder medication comes with the most minimal side effects, namely nausea and vomiting. If we overlook these issues, no other side effect has been consistently recorded in literature. This leads to the huge popularity this medication enjoys among the geriatric male population.

The benefits of Prostaquil capsules are the following:

  • It decreases the hesitancy symptoms of LUTS. Hesitancy is basically difficulty in initiating micturition, which is the act of voiding urine. This leads to the male spending a long period of time trying to initiate the voiding process. This, often requires a few tries. This symptom happens due to the compression of the male urethra by the enlarged prostate, and it causes serious psychological issues in the patient too. This is, reduced greatly by the usage of Prostaquil Capsules.
  • It decreases the ‘poor stream’ issues in the patient. Poor stream, coupled with dribbling of urine, is often a serious issue. This again prolongs the time, taken by the patient to finish voiding the urine. These symptoms are often, taken care of by the pygeum component of the capsule.
  • Sense of inadequate evacuation is also, relieved to a good extent.
  • As stasis is, decreased by the use of Prostaquil, the chances of urinary tract infection decreases drastically in such patients. This also decreases the amount of antibiotics taken by the patient, reducing their side effects, and significantly improving the quality of life of the patient.
  • Overall, the patient’s life improves a lot, and this is comparable to other medications, minus all the side effects.

Side Effects

As mentioned above, the only side effect well known and attributable to Prostaquil is the twin pair of Nausea and Vomiting. This also does not occur in every one.


There might be other, unreported side effects, but since we find none in literature, we take Prostaquil to have a dearth of side effects, which is not surprising since it is a sort of herbal medication; a plant based product that is both potent and innocuous at the same time.


Prostaquil capsules, made from Pygeum extracts, are an amazing source of relief to BPH patients. Since it is a nature based formulation it is, considered to have much more favorable side effect profile than other synthetic drugs.

When used in the right dosage and right time, it can work efficiently in reducing the size of the prostate and also to decrease the symptoms that make the life of the patient miserable.

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