5 Reasons Why Using Phone is Harmful Before Bed Time!

Using your cell phone before sleeping at night will make you sleep-deprived and tired. Really.

When you visit the doctor about your issue of insomnia when you can’t get good sleep. The first thing they are concern about the phone when they complain about poor sleep and broken sleep. People have an obscure idea that using their cell phones before bed or in bed influences their sleeping patterns, but that nebulous awareness habitually isn’t adequate to severely change their attitude.

You need to change your new habit of not using the phone, seriously:

Here, based on verdicts from a study by University researchers, are six reasons why you necessitate to stop using your Smartphone (and every other screen) in an hour or two before going to bed:

1) Phones will take you longer to fall asleep:

The people who used to read an e-book or using phones before the bed took more than 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep compared to persons who are reading an ordinary print book. So doctors suggest that Instead of surfing anything on your Smartphone or watching TV, web series or Netflix, try to read original books at night before going to bed and you will start noticing that your sleep pattern will start getting good. You will get good sleep and how fast you will sleep.

2) The risk of cancer:

You may be shocked to know that by late night the use of the phone can cause cancer. Because there is also an effect on the antioxidant elements due to the low melatonin in the body, there is a risk of cancer.

3) Waking up will make you feel more tired and less alert:

According to the Harvard study, you are reading a screen before sleeping so that you feel more sleepy and tired when you awaken up in the early morning. Those who read from a computer screen before bed, they take more time to “wake up” completely the next day, compared to those who read the normal book.

4) It will affect your melatonin secretion when you need:

By using the phone in the night, your interest in it increases, and production of a hormone called melatonin is also affected, which reduces sleep. It may also play a critical role in preserving the well-being of your brain. Even lower levels of light, such as dim bedside lamps, can deny the production of melatonin because you should never sleep on “nightlight” and use good blackout curtains. The light from the phone screen flashes directly in your eyes suppresses the production of this vital hormone in the evening. If you should see a screen, turn it downwards and use any available program that will reduce the component of blue light.

5) Impact on the brain:

When you do not sleep properly for 7 or 8 hours, your mind does not work cor

rectly in the next day. Think about what happens when you do this regularly. The use of smartphones on the brain has the most significant effect.


6) Damage to the retina:

The presence of light from the phone affects the retina of the eyes. The use of the phone in the night for a long time affects the sight.

More Ways that phone destroys your sleep:

1) Tension on the eyes:

Laying in the dark in the night and running the phone, there is also tension on the eyes. Many times, dark circles also occur under the eyes. The risk of vision decreases further.

2) It will mess with and delay your body clock rhythm:

It seems nearly every week we get more data which illustrates the paramount importance of healthy, well-synched body rhythm. So many of your body functions combine on this. Your mood, your metabolism, your appetite for sweet or junky fast foods and in turn your weight, your risk of promoting diabetes and probably even cancer, the list persists on. Artificial lights at night, especially the blue light from Smartphone and other electronic screens, puzzle your brain and messes up this body clock.

3) This habit of excessive using your mobile will reduce your REM sleep:

REM sleep is a phase of sleep that is important for the restoration of your brain and body. REM sleep strengthens the memories and relationships of your creative and problem-solving skills. If you are not enough for it, then it can trouble you and feel the difficulty in focusing the next day.

Lifestyle Changes that you should adopt to stop using it and have a good night sleep:

1) Reading Habit:

Start developing the reading habit before sleep. Try to stop using a mobile phone at night at least before two hours going to bed. Start to read any book, novel, storybook.

2) Try to involve in music listening after dinner

3) Meditation:

Start doing meditation instead of using mobile at night

4) Start walking at night, and it will relax your mind and also maintain your health.

You should implement this as soon as possible. You will see a severe change in your sleeping pattern.

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