Pantotab 40 Tablets – Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Pantotab is a tablet that, by virtue of its amazing properties, is, I guess, one of the most used tablets in the world. It is basically a PPI, which stands for Proton Pump Inhibitor, which decreases the acid release in the tummy. It has the much needed effect of reducing acidity and reducing reflux, and is, therefore, the most prescribed drug globally. In fact, most adults, at some point of time, have taken this medicine, and so, it is pertinent that we know a bit about this drug.


  1. Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (Or the Heart Burn):

This is an extremely prevalent ailment that haunts most humans that breathe on this planet. GERD, which is basically the disease where acid from the stomach regurgitates into the esophagus, leaving a burning sensation in the chest and sour, bitter taste in the mouth. Sometimes one can also have water brash. PPI like Pantotab, are the gold standard drug for Heart Burn. It is effective for entire 24 hours, thus the patient needs to take it only once a day, and hence the patient compliance is great!

  1. Ulcers

Ulcers are awfully painful holes in the stomach and duodenum, which mostly result from increased acid output from the tummy. They can even lead to perforation, which is a hole throughout the thickness of the stomach (or duodenum), which is a medical emergency. To avoid such catastrophes, doctors often prescribe a PPI, like Pantotab, which, again, is the drug of choice for ulcers. They are a great relief to people suffering from excruciating ulcers. Pantotab is mostly used with a combination therapy to eliminate H pylori bacteria, which colonizes the stomach and leads to Peptic Ulcer Disease.

  1. Zollinger Ellison’s Syndrome

This is a tumour in the Gastro Intestinal Tract, which leads to increased Gastrin levels, which in turn leads to excess amount of acid to be produced. Thus, ZES mainly manifests as ulcers, and again, we bank on a PPI like Pantotab to save our stomachs from deadly ulcers.

There are other amazing uses of Pantotab, and most of them aim at reducing the acid output of the stomach.



Pantotab is mucosa protective, which protects our stomach lining from the deleterious effects of excessive amounts of acid. Believe me; the extra amount of acid can really coagulate the stomach, leading to bleeds that are very difficult to control.

  • Pantotab is prescribed every time a patient is on a long term medication, especially NSAID like Aspirin. This is because these drugs increase the acid output and cause discomfort. Pantotab, thus, is an effective mucosal protective agent.
  • Pantotab has the beneficial effect of giving enough time for an ulcer to heal; along with an add on effect on H pylori eliminating regime.


Like any drug, Pantotab comes with an adverse effect profile. Surprisingly, it has an amazingly benign side effects profile; which makes it the drug of choice in a wide area of diseases of increased acid production.

  • Nausea and vomiting are a possibility with this drug. This is mostly mild, and believe me, this can happen with almost any drug taken by humans; with the exception of anti vomit drugs, of course!
  • Rarely, a tablet such as Pantotab, increases susceptibility to pathogen like typhoid bug; as the acid that is, secreted also acts as a barrier of the body against germs. The acid is unable to kill the bug, and people contract the disease. This is why long term use is not advocated much.
  • Rare side effects, such as rhabdomyolysis can occur, too.


Pantotab is a tablet that reduces acidity and is a source of relief to millions of adults who suffer from GERD and related conditions. Earlier, drugs such as ranitidine were used, which are still being used in some limited resource setups, but due to better tolerance profile of Proton Pump Inhibitors; health professionals have made these their drug of choice.

Unless drugs are, used to control acid reflux, patients may go on to have chronic symptoms of GERD like cough at night, hoarseness of voice and chest pain, which gives a scare similar to that of a heart attack. Patients even go on to have surgeries done to stop GERD from making their life miserable. One of the deadliest things about such acid refluxes is that they lead to esophagus cancer in long standing cases.

All these factors have led to the rise of Proton Pump Inhibitor as the king of drugs for these conditions. Also, the fact that their long term use decreases the chance of esophagus cancer; is a sigh of relief to surgeons, whose worst nightmare is that cancer.


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