10 Tips to overcome under-active thyroid

A butterfly-shaped gland present in your neck, mainly just below Adam’s apple is the thyroid gland. It is the main gland which controls the body metabolism and behaves like a master to trigger a fire that further fires up the functioning of genes to continue their respective jobs. Our body is a complex machine, however, the thyroid gland one of such fundamental mechanisms of the body which is essential since all the cells have thyroid hormone receptors.

Hypothyroidism which is also known as under-active thyroid condition is a slow epidemic. It happens mainly because of the lesser production of thyroid hormones in the body. Its symptoms might appear for years and years with no permanent way to treat and cure




Nowadays the complexity of diseases has become so diverse, that under-active situation is not just rooted to the only thyroid anymore. It has a direct connection with the body immunity and hence doctors also look out for antibodies via tests. It reveals the presence of autoimmune disorders as well. Sometimes in people with hypothyroid condition disorders like Hashimoto’s disease also coexist. In this the body’s autoimmune targets the thyroid tissue and damages it. Because of which thyroid is unable to produce the required amount of hormone supply. So, in order to treat the hypothyroidism, a door must reach out to its root cause otherwise, it is really hard to get a proper cure from it.

Create a line of defense against the under-active thyroid.

Your diet is the main source of every activity happening in the body. Whatever you eat is for sure going to reflect on your body in some way or the other. So the best line of defense for the thyroid disease is making some good changes in your diet. It also helps in treating hypothyroidism. Some of the hypothyroid symptoms include brain fog and excessive fatigue which might prompt you to reach out for non-nutritional as well as sugary stuff and even caffeine. However, you must be wise to choose what to eat and avoid sugar and refined and processed foods mainly.

Also, few foods must be taken in limits and overeating must be avoided in each case. Foods like seaweed, kale, broccoli, spinach, and kelp are high in iodine so must be taken in minimal quantities. It prevents further deterioration of the condition by not interfering much with the thyroid functioning.

Few tips to overcome the under-active thyroid problem.

  1. Be wise to choose a healthy diet and eliminate refined and processed foods. Avoid caffeine, sugar, refined carbs like white flour stuffs bread and cookies etc. Prefer to eat non-starchy veggies rather than starchy ones.


  1. Rely more on a protein diet –

    include:  eggs, nuts, peanut butter, fish, legumes, and other organic protein sources in your diet. Protein helps in transporting such hormones to the entire body tissues and cells. However, avoid or limit soy products since they can damage the cell receptors and finally disrupts the whole endocrine system, especially if taken in excess.

  2. Eat healthy fat and totally avoid unhealthy fat consumption:  Healthy cholesterol present in healthy fats helps in hormonal pathways. So include olive oil, avocados, flax seeds, nut butter, fish, coconut milk products, yogurt, and organic cottage cheese etc.
  3. Ensure to consume a balanced diet full of all essential dietary components. Nutritional deficiencies also contribute towards hypothyroidism. So include the required amount of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals etc. in your daily diet.
  4. Sleep is indeed

    Get a sufficient amount of 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. Disruption of sleep cycle also imbalances the hormones and causes weight gain and can even cause thyroid issues.

  5. Always prefer mindful eating instead of munching on each and every food you see. It helps in maintaining the body metabolism. It even helps in weight loss. Because eating a low carb diet helps in maintaining healthy body weight. People with thyroid disorders must prefer a completely gluten-free diet. Eating gluten might increase autoimmune attack over the thyroid tissue because of a similar molecular composition of gluten and thyroid tissue.


Also, be very careful about a plant substance goitrogens. It is present in Brussels, spinach, broccoli, peaches, strawberries, soybeans, radishes, cabbage, cauliflower, millets, and turnips etc. You should not overeat these as they can interfere with thyroid functioning. On the other hand glutathione present in some of these foods helps in boosting the immune system.

  1. Always give attention to your body and the way it responds towards few foods in the form of allergies. Some individuals can be allergic to few foods and it might even cause an inflammatory response in the body, triggering autoimmune system. Also, ensure a healthy gut and supplement your body with probiotics at regular intervals. Functioning of the thyroid is also affected by the absence of healthy gut.
  2. The gland is extremely sensitive towards stress and related factors. So any sort of adrenal fatigue or mental stress must be watched and avoided.
  3. Whenever you go for an x-ray at your density’s place do not hesitate to ask for a thyroid collar. It prevents any zapping of your thyroid because of sensitive radiations.


The best way to avoid any this condition is by taking dietary and lifestyle precautions. Also getting frequent Thyroid Tests helps in early diagnosis and hence it becomes easier to treat it with medications. There are few complimentary thyroid treatment options which might take time to show its effects. It includes acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. Although the conventional treatment therapy of thyroid problems cannot be, replaced. But these if, done with determination can help to reach better and quicker results. These also lower stress levels and helps the body to relax completely. It is also important to maintain healthy body weight to keep thyroid issues at bay or in control.

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