Are Norflox TZ Tablets Good For Upset Stomach

Medical professionals have been waiting for ages for people to know about the proper uses of the famous Norflox tablets. It is so common to see people use Norflox commonly as an Over the Counter drug for upset tummies and diarrheas. At least, I have seen this very rampant in my own house. My mother used to think about it as a tonic for all kinds of diarrheas. Nothing can be further from the truth.

One has to understand the fundamental fact that Norflox TZ, which essentially contains Norfloxacin, is a Quinolone, which is an antibiotic. Antibiotics kill bacteria, and we have to understand that not all upset tummies are caused by bacteria. Well, most of the diarrheas people have are caused by other causes, such as the virus, especially a family called Enteroviruses, while others still are, caused by conditions inside the body, such as hormonal imbalance, nervous imbalance and plenty of body’s internal factors. The very fact that diarrhea is an intricate play of the gut to flush out toxins should also ring a bell in everyone’s mind that diarrhea is not a disease, it is body’s defense mounted against some issues.

With this basic understanding, I want you to understand that your gut is sending you a signal that something is wrong and it does not necessarily have anything to do with bacteria. At the same time, I want you to know that many noxious bacteria, such as E. coli and Klebsiellado cause bad kinds of diarrhea, and antibiotics are definitely, indicated here. Book a test with klinicApp and have better understanding about your health.


What Norflox TZ Does

Norflox TZ is an antibiotic commonly, used against Gram Negative bacteria. It is, used for a variety of conditions, such as Urinary Tract Infection, Prostatic Infections, and some soft tissue infections, along with bacterial diarrheas. While it is totally justified using this antibiotic in places it is, required; injudicious usage of Norflox TZ can lead to a catastrophe such as resistance to this great antibiotic, and that creates a lot of pressure upon the healthcare system to deal with already increasing cases of Superbugs that do not respond to a number of antibiotics.

Quinolones like Norflox TZ mostly act by stopping the bacteria from multiplying by tampering with their DNA.

Once again, we need to reinforce that diarrhea will respond to Norflox TZ only if it is bacterial in origin. Most often, diagnosing that depends upon the Doctor who will do a thorough physical examination and take a proper history, and if needed; will even order a stool culture. These factors will determine the correct usage of medication for diarrhea.

When It Is Brilliant Treatment For Tummy Upset

Once it is, established that diarrhea has been, caused by notorious bugs, one starts to take Norflox TZ regime. It mostly is an OD or BD schedule; which means that it has to be, taken once daily, or twice daily, respectively. It is generally, taken as a 5-day course. It is extremely important that you complete the 5-day course; or else, you will end up inviting superbugs to your gut.

It is extremely important, again, to take your medication on time. Inadequate treatment often leads to an increase in the number of resistant strains of bacteria; also your acute disease can convert into a chronic one.

Proper treatment of diarrhea with Norflox TZ ensures that the infection that has primarily involved the gut does not spread systemically and involve the whole body, leading to disastrous consequences; such as Sepsis, Multi-organ Damage, and Septic Shock. These are the things that happen if the body is unable to mount a response that is enough to contain the infection, or when the bacterial species that has made you sick is so virulent that the best of body’s defenses, failed to stop it. That is where the role of brilliant antibiotics such as Norflox TZ comes. They enter our blood circulation as heroes that rescue us from evil bacterial invaders and save the day.

All this, you have to appreciate; happens only when the bacteria that has made you visit the loo so often is sensitive to our heroic antibiotics. We must all realize that; if we go on indiscriminately using antibiotics for petty purposes, and keep on making the bugs stronger by evolution; we might as well end up in the Pre Antibiotic era; where infection treatment options are very, limited. Then even bacterial diarrhea can kill us due to lack of antibiotic options! You surely do not want that!!


Norflox TZ is a great option for diarrhea; only if it is due to bacteria and that too, the strains those are sensitive to it.

We must bear the collective responsibility of using the antibiotics judiciously; so, that we don’t run into troubles of resistant strains.

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