Natural Ways to Deal with Panic Attack

Panic Attack is a tour in which a person suddenly becomes overwhelmed by fear or comes under stress. It can happen to the person at any time. Although some of these symptoms appear apparent, sometimes it is difficult to identify the signs of the attack. So everyone has a panic attack, and its symptoms should be known so that the treatment can be started immediately. Sudden fear is to be dominated, long-term stress, or more uncomfortable is called a panic attack.

It can happen to anyone all of a sudden. Scientists believe that when a panic attack occurs, the body goes into fight and flight mode. This attack comes when there is a feeling of restlessness and a terrible feeling. The effect of the panic attack is sometimes seen as a lightweight panic disorder or phobia, which is a type of the body of the associative disease. This attack lasts from 15 seconds to 1 hour. Some of these symptoms appear to be visible, while some signs are not noticeable. The symptoms of a panic attack are different in every person.

Symptoms of Panic Attack

Suddenly there is a tremor in the whole body, it is a panic attack, to feel suffocated to the extent of suffocation, an unconscious fear, restlessness and fast breathing are the signs before the arrival of a panic attack.

We will discuss the signs of Panic Attack:

Numb fingers, sweatiness, clipping of teeth and bells in ears, feeling the light in the head, lose your temper, difficulty in breathing, heartbeat beats faster than usual, feeling unconscious are the signs that have been frequently observed a person.


1)  Do not let stress be dominant:

The main reason for the panic disorder is that stress does not allow it to dominate itself. For this, go to an open place immediately or try to relax by closing the eyes.

2) Slow down ideas:

Negative thoughts often cause a panic attack by walking around in the brain. In such a deep breath and reducing thoughts, so that negative thoughts in mind can be reduced.

3) Take a deep breath:

This is the best way to avoid stress. If you realize this, then breathe deeply in the open air and breathe deeply. This will normalize the body and heartbeat, and the danger will also get resolved. Also, feel like a panic attack, first drink one glass of cold water.

4) Exercise:

When you feel like coming in such attack, immediately go to a quiet place and lie downright. Turn off the eyes lightly for a few minutes and remove all the evil thoughts from your mind.

Panic Attack

5) Green tea:

Antioxidant also helps reduce the stress associated with a panic attack in Green T. If you have signs of a panic attack, immediately drink green tea and drink it. At the same time consuming less than 2 cups of green tea reduces its risk.

6) Do not Take Alcohol or Sleeping medicines:

Drinking alcohol or high levels of sleeping medications can also cause an attack. So strive to stay away from such habits.

7) Change lifestyle:

To get rid of the problem of a panic attack, lifestyle changes are essential. Many times this problem is also due to a disorganized routine. So regularly do the morning walk and yoga. Eight hours of sleeping. This will reduce stress and increase physical and mental energy.

Natural Ways to Deal with It:

During the panic attack, your body tries to breathe more oxygen and breathe faster. This condition is arguably a very unpleasant situation. But do not panic, because, with the help of many home remedies, you can effectively relieve the symptoms of panic arctic.

1) Green tea:

Antioxidant and polyphenols in green tea help in the recovery of brain cells and tissues by reducing stress and reducing the activity of monoamine oxidize.

2) Orange:

Due to the richness of vitamins, it helps in reducing this attack while maintaining blood pressure. The orange panic helps calm the neurons during a panic attack.

3) Almond:

Almonds are found in essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium and magnesium and abundant minerals, which help improve your nervous system’s functioning and keep your brain healthy.

4) Salmon:

Salmon contains the highest omega-3 fatty acids in the fish, which help in blood flow to different parts of the brain. Along with this, the process of functioning of the brain is intensified, and the brain receives sufficient oxygen, glucose, and other vital nutrients.

5) Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy:

Panic attacks can be treated with the use of this therapy and by taking medicines. The method of treatment selected according to individual needs and priorities. Any treatment that has no effect of 6 to 8 weeks should be considered again. Many medicines are effective in treating this problem. Giving psychotherapy with medications gives quick relief. Panic attack patients should not consume alcohol and coffee. They should be avoided taking intoxicants.

6) Avoid Phobia:

At the time of driving, shopping, crowded places, and stairs, etc., if anyone gets this attack, then the person gets scared inside. Then she starts cutting down from such situations. Gradually he may also have a phobia. There is fear in the victim’s mind that he may have to face the next tour anytime.

7) Meditation:

To Avoid panic attacks do meditation daily for half an hour. Go to a quiet place and lie downright. Close the eyes lightly for a few minutes and remove all the evil thoughts from your mind.

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