National Pancake Day

National Pancake Day is around the corner. This means all the pancake lovers are going to have a reason to indulge in their favorite hearty meal. Pancakes are loaded with carbohydrates. It gives you plenty of energy to get through the day.

Although love knows no boundary, our health does. Pancakes might be beautiful and delicious, but they are not always healthy for you. However, treating yourself to fluffy and warm pancakes with maple syrup is often irresistible. In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits and health drawbacks of pancakes.

Learn the Benefits on National Pancake Day

With national pancake day coming up, you might be planning the menu already. There are so many varieties of pancakes that it can get confusing. However, the classic pancake remains the favorite of most people. Listed below are some health benefits of pancakes.

Vitamins and Minerals

Pancakes meet about 20% of your daily phosphorus intake, while calcium meets about 18%. Pancakes are great if you are looking to increase bone strength. A serving of pancakes offers you 12% of riboflavin and iodine. You also get a little bit of Vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, thiamin, iron, copper, etc.

Stronger Bones

Not many people are aware that pancakes are a great source of calcium. The average serving size of whole wheat pancake offers you 250 milligrams of calcium. This is a quarter of your daily requirement. If you go with buttermilk pancakes, you would be getting about 18% of your daily need. Calcium also helps the nerves and muscles to function better.

Iron Content

Depending on the age and sex of the person, a whole wheat pancake covers 16% to 38% of the iron intake. A similar serving of buttermilk pancakes offers 2 milligrams of iron. Iron is necessary for the immunity as it combats illnesses. Thus, iron also plays a crucial role in oxygenating tissues so that it can form the fuel required.

Sodium and Sugar

What makes pancakes so tasty is the perfect blend of sweet and savory flavor. The sweetness that you love comes from granulated sugar. An average serving contains around 4.3 grams of sugar. This is without adding on the sugar from maple syrup. The sugar intake makes up about 10% of the daily calories. However, it is essential that you know most of us to exceed our daily sugar intake limit.

Drawbacks of Pancakes

Without knowing the disadvantages of pancakes, you only have incomplete information. Most nutritionists suggest that you start the day with a hearty meal. Although pancakes are loaded with carbohydrates, they are not the healthiest option.

Harmful Triglycerides

If you look at pancakes for what it is, it is a plate full of tasty carbohydrates that is loaded with refined sugar (maple syrup.)It also has a ton of harmful triglycerides. That’s can result in raising your risk of getting a heart disease. Since classic pancakes are made of white-flour goods, it also increases the chances of sudden death. Did you know that a small serving of pancake is equal to four servings of bread?

High Content of Refined Flour

Many people add fruits on top to give the pancakes a healthier touch. However, something is better than nothing. Hence, the small fruit serving does not do much. Pancakes do contain more protein than some other options. But their high content of refined flour is worrying. Research suggests that it could contribute to insulin resistance and obesity.

High-fructose Corn Syrup

The pancake syrup is high-fructose corn syrup. It may cause inflammation that goes on to build insulin resistance. It may lead to prediabetes or type-2 diabetes. Pure maple syrup is better than pancake syrup. But it also adds on empty calories.

Advice for Pancake Lovers

1. Go for Banana Pancakes

National Pancake Day

We all love pancakes. Having it once in a month is okay. For example, with the national pancake day coming up, you can indulge in your favorite pancakes without guilt. Just be watchful of the serving and how often you eat it. You can also try healthier options like whole wheat pancakes or banana pancakes. The banana pancakes are easy to make and have high potassium value as well.

2. Avoid Chocolaty Pancakes

You can also reduce the calories by not adding too much maple syrup. Choosing chocolaty pancakes or some other variant would also add on hundreds of extra calories. It is recommended that you avoid these, especially if you are diabetic or prediabetic. Those who are trying to reduce or maintain their weight should also stay away from these options.

3. Try Oatmeal Pancake

You can try other healthy options like oatmeal pancakes that are loaded with fibers. It is also rich in antioxidants. It may decrease blood pressure and benefit your heart health.

The Choice is Yours

Regardless of the diet that you want to follow, you deserve to eat pancakes once in a while. To feel less guilty about eating it, you could pair it with a healthy serving of eggs or fruits as well. Thus, you would be getting additional nutrients while getting to enjoy your desired meal.