National Deworming Day

The National Deworming Day is a Government initiative by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The government of India wants every child to be worm-free in the country. This is one of the most-extensive health programs. It aims to reach a record number of children in a short period of time.

Around 836 million children across the world are at risk of getting parasitic worm infections. World Health Organization gives an estimate of over 241 million of children. They are between the ages of 1 to 14 years living in India. The worm infestation causes malnourishment, among other health issues.

First Deworming Day

Jagat Prakash Nadda, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, launched the national program in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Prominent personalities like Vasundhara Raje, Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Rajendra Rathore, Minister for Health and Family Welfare in Rajasthan, were in presence. Other senior officers from the state as well as the central Government were present.

At the occasion, Jagat Nadda said, “The early years of a child are the most critical and significant. The comprehensive set of actions identified in the National Deworming Day Guidelines is to be fully implemented. As a result, children will have improved health outcomes. And they will be able to achieve their potential to the fullest.”

Initiatives by the Government

As mentioned above, the parasitic worm affects 241 million children in India. And this is a vast number. The initiative is a much-needed step required to fight the issue. India is one of the most exposed countries to helminths-parasitic worms in the whole world.

The worm in children is unhygienic. But it also stunts their growth. It makes them more susceptible to becoming malnourished, anemic, etc. According to a 2012 report ‘Children in India’; half of the country’s children are malnourished.

Benefits of Deworming Children

It is a fact that worms are nasty. Hence, it shouldn’t be inside anyone’s body, there are a couple of other benefits of deworming a child.

National Deworming Day

  • Deworming will help the kid be healthy. It will result in better school attendance. The child will also be active and take part in the extracurricular activities without feeling tired or sick. Kids with worm infestations fall sick a lot and end up missing a big part of school life.
  • By deworming your child, you will help to stop it from spreading. This will, in return, reduce the speed of infestation. Treated and untreated children will benefit from it. Good health will enable young children to live the life they want to instead of falling sick often.
  • Worm infestations are faced by young children. This has been the number one cause of children getting admitted to hospitals in rural areas. Therefore, National deworming day will help tackle the problem by spreading awareness.
  • The worms inside the intestine feed on tissues and blood. This causes the person to fall sick often. They are also deficient in iron and protein. Thus, the lack of iron can make the infected person anemic. Roundworm often competes for vitamin A in the intestine.

Some parasitic worms cause a loss of appetite. Therefore, reduced nutritional intake is a common symptom. And the worm feeds on the protein and iron. Thus, this can make a person fall sick more often. Some worms cause diarrhea. This can further weaken the already weak immune system of the infected child or adult.

How is it Transmitted?

There are many ways in which the worms could be transmitted from one person to another. Defecating outdoors is one of the most common ways for its spread. The eggs contaminate the soil nearby and spread it on in different ways.

The worms are often attached to vegetables or fruits. This is why it is so important to wash and cook them properly. You could also contract them from contaminated water sources. For children, playing outside in the soil should be careful. And not washing hands after playing outside can be a possible way for the worm to transmit.

National Deworming Day Benefits

The problem of worms has been silently eating away your children’s health for decades now. Thus, children with worms often end up with health problems. The National Deworming Day has been launched at the right time.

With the mass-based and high-quality program, the children will be able to live the life they deserve. The initiative also aims to educate and spread awareness about worms. The awareness is hugely lacking, especially in remote areas. But basing the programs in schools will enable the government to eradicate the problem by its roots.

Although the deworming program will take place in schools, community mobilization is also necessary. Thus, it is important to involve parents and elders of the concerned children. This will help to eliminate the problem at its core. That is why local institutions and community-based health workers will be a part of the targeted outreach.

Thus, without any delay give your child the vaccination for deworming. It will prove beneficial in terms of healthy growth.

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