Multiple Causes of Stress That Are Impacting Your Health

Be it work or some personal stuff, there could be different causes of stress in life. It becomes extremely difficult to keep away with stress. Stress is usually an emotional pressure felt in the brain. In such a condition, one is not able to respond with the current demands. This can be due to various reasons like financial, personal, family or work-related.

Stress is becoming normal routine stuff these days. To an extent, stress is impacting one’s health. As it becomes a motivator to perform a particular task. But on a serious note, if continued for a long time can cause serious health issues. This can affect a person’s physical and mental life. The outcome is not limited to oneself. Hence, it also affects the people close to you. It can interfere with your family relations as well as work life. However, regular life stress is quite normal. It may include small things like a traffic jam situation.

Types of Stress

Stress is mainly divided into three different categories. These categories are defined on the basis of stress management. Further, to understand the seriousness, one should know the types and causes of stress.

1. Acute Stress

Acute stress is short term stress. As a result, one may experience this in numerous situations in life. This kind of stress is generated by thinking about the outcome of a situation. Most of the time, it is related to your work life. At work, you handle the pressure of deadlines and have acute stress.

2. Episodic Acute Stress

People having acute stress quite often get targeted by episodic acute stress. In this case, causes of stress can be a number of commitments. But there is a lack of time to complete that work. However, this may happen due to various reasons. Thus, one might experience elevated blood pressure levels.

3. Chronic Stress

Among various types of stress, this is the most serious kind of stress. In this case, a person stops seeing the solution to the existing problems. This could be due to a sudden trauma condition as well. Often, this leads to depression. In more serious cases, this can lead to the end of life as well.

Causes of Stress

Causes of Stress

Everyone has different causes of stress. Females mostly experience stress. Additional problems are seen by working females. Out of different causes of stress, here we are listing a few:

  • If you have long hours of work.
  • Having more responsibility or workload.
  • If the work is not assigned properly, wrong management of work.
  • When you are worried about the promotions or other benefits.
  • The worst case is harassment if you are going through it silently.

In addition to work-related stress, personal life can be a cause. These include several reasons related to family and oneself. Out of many, a few serious ones are the death of some loved ones and serious health issues. Other situations may include divorce, sickness of any family member, etc. Additional events may include violence or traumatic incidents.

Personal causes of Stress

Sometimes the causes of stress come from within. It is not directly related to a specific person or an event in life. Further, over analyzation may lead to depression or other health issues later in life.

Fear and Uncertainty

This could be related to various situations in life. Hence, one can relate this to office pressure as well. Also, for the student, continuous parental pressure leads to stress. Fear of not performing good in exams leads to a stressful event. Thus, parents should take care of their children. They can help them to redeem the excess pressure. Furthermore, the stress may come from current social issues. It could be related to the terror attack or a recession.

Impractical Expectations

In this world, no one is perfect. If you keep pressurizing yourself with doing the task perfectly, it’s harmful. Hence, it could lead to a rise in a stressful situation. Everyone has a pace to perform the task. Consider accepting reality and behave accordingly!

Attitude Towards Life

The way you look at a particular problem makes it good or bad. Hence, it depends on the individual perception of how he or she behaves. Additionally, if you consider that things will turn bad, they will. Change your attitude and perception about situations in life. This may help you to redeem from stressful insight.

Effects of Stress on Your Health

Whenever you indulge yourself in a critical situation, your brain releases a hormone. Your nervous system release hormones to prepare you for the task in hand. This activity is also known as the fight or flight response of the brain. This is the reason why some people experience sweating, fast breathing or even muscle stress.

Continuing to be in a stressful situation may lead to several health issues. These may include headache, sleep disorders, difficulty in focusing and irritation. Thus, longer exposure may put you in depression and heart-related disorders.

In addition to the health effects, one may notice behavioral changes as well. Therefore, the change is visible in food intake. While others may indulge in smoking or drinking activity.

De-stress Yourself

Overall, stress can be a minor or major issue. But it solely depends on your reaction or approach towards it. Thus, one should analyze the causes of stress. Take the necessary help of close ones if needed. At an advanced level, you may seek for relaxation therapies as well. Talking to a therapist will ease your stress level.