Are Those Morning Tea Cups – Right or Wrong

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A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with greater minds. Many of us are addicted to have a bed tea first thing in morning. We think that it keeps us fresh all day.

But, do you think its good for your health. Well, think about it again. We don’t think so, that this is best beverage to kick start your day. As there are many good and bad outcomes.

Out of many ways to have it, we broadly take it mainly in 3 types: milk tea, green tea and black tea. But what we have in our household is mostly milk tea. So, before taking it again please have an idea about its deleterious effects on health and let’s discuss it .

Cons of having bed tea:

Majorly it causes acidity and heart burn if you consume it on regular basis and it also increases the risk of stomach ulcers.

Long term use can causes change in bowel habits and frequently causes constipation. Also aggravates migraine symptoms.

It interferes with iron absorption, which is extremely critical for those who are already anaemic.

It also causes loss of interest in daily activities and sleep disturbances. Long-term intake also causes restlessness and irritability.

And most importantly it increases body toxin levels and affects your oral health.

So, next question arises that how you should commence your day?

You can start your day with green tea or 2 glasses of warm water add honey and lemon to it for some healthy effects. Try to limit your milk tea consumption to one cup maximum.

Why green tea?

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, it regulates your weight, does not cause acidity and increase your metabolism. So, start taking one cup of green tea everyday. You can take up-to 2 cup of green tea per day.

So, remember its never too late or too early to work towards being the healthiest you.

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