Managing Thyroid without Medication – Understand How?

Introduction to Managing Thyroid:

This is a suggestive article, with an aim to inform people about natural remedies. Having said that, this article does not suggest discontinuation of any medication, neither it influences people to avoid doctor’s advice. Natural methods, can be taken parallely.

Thyroid was never an age-specific disease but talking about few years in the past, people in the age group 35 or above were most likely affected with the disease (as per various internet surveys published online). The present-day lifestyle has a radical effect on our biological system.  The adolescent children, exposed to this disease that affects the ductless gland, also called Thyroid. Whereas it becomes extremely important to start the medical treatment as early as possible, there are natural ways and methods that can prove advantageous in treating Thyroid and desisting it from becoming a lifelong penance.

Managing Thyroid

So, along with exercise and controlling the daily stress levels.

Here are some natural ways that can help you ‘manage’ thyroid without medication –

 Understand the importance of Nutrition –

People generally ignore or underestimate how important proper nutrition is for body health, that we take via our daily diet. Talking about thyroid, nutrients like selenium, iodine, and essential vitamins, very elemental in maintaining the good health of the hormone-secreting gland located just below Adam’s apple. So, start with a nutritionally balanced diet.

Seaweeds as natural source of iodine –

Yes, seaweeds are a healthy and iodine rich food. The best part is, consumption of seaweed will protect your thyroid gland from every kind of possible deficiency. Including seaweed in diet is very common in Japan. You can also find it in dried form on the health stores or e-stores. A type of brown algae, known as Kombu, and other type, called Kelp are the most common types and can be, used in soups, broth, and even in salads.

Managing Thyroid

Add seeds to you breakfast and salads –

Chia seeds and flax seeds, currently ruling the internet – every health savvy blogger/vlogger, seen adding these seeds to their yogurt bowl and salads. Another healthy seed that you can add to your diet is hemp seeds. All of these three are rich source of Omega 3 fat which augments, maintains the hormonal levels which is very important for healthy functioning of the gland.

Coconut Oil as a cooking oil –

Now coconut oil may not have a direct relative with the thyroid gland and its hormone secretion process, but it is very helpful in reducing the inflammation. In many cases, due to weak immunity thyroid gland can end up with an inflamed walls leading to other infections. Coconut oil provides a certain type of fatty acids to the body, which ensures the blood does not attract deficiency of antioxidants.

Managing Thyroid

Eat Gluten-Free diet –

Gluten is classified as wheat protein and is normally present in the wheat flour, as it acts as a binding agent. People with Thyroid disease in some cases, develop a sensitivity to gluten which can also be classified as an allergy. This allergy may lead to some autoimmune discomforts. The best practice you can adopt to avoid excessive or more than the minimal amount of gluten is reading all the ingredients listed behind the packaged food product like the ones made up from any kind or type of flour.


Always remember, our body becomes vulnerable to different immune deficiency diseases, and weaker organs if we fail to maintain; balanced and healthy lifestyle. The thyroid is one such example. We strongly advise you to imbibe above natural methods to fight and prevent the thyroid diseases but again, doctor’s advice and prescription must be, followed. Step ahead to know your thyroid and get screened now.

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