7 Effective lifestyle Changes To Manage Diabetes After 60

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Managing diabetes After 60

In the world of million people, it is often seen that the people above the age of 60 are living with the diabetes epidemic. It is considered as a lifelong condition, hence one needs a careful treatment with careful management.

Diabetes has become common in all the groups of ages but the burden of diabetes in terms of age is leaving impacts on age-adults. Before you learn to manage your diabetes, it is very important to understand, which diabetes you are dealing with. People with type 1 Diabetes are considered at higher risk of getting affected by hypoglycemia, also to comorbid conditions, though people with type 2 diabetes, the body lacks in generating insulin, energy level decreases, nowadays it is also rising in children, hence type 2 diabetes, according to the research is seen in 90% old aged people.

Quick tips You Should Follow:

Though to older people, fighting from diabetes seems hard but managing a balanced and healthy diet, can help them stay active and fit. One only needs directions how to manage diabetes after 60, hence following are the tips all you are looking for.

Eat Healthily – Stay Healthy

It is very important to stay healthy being a diabetic. To stay fit, one cannot jump directly or do the hardest thing at first, one baby step can lead you to stay healthy and happy for lifelong i.e. keep a look to your daily diet. Instead of eating frequently make a plan, as people with diabetes should consult a physician for a meal plan. Before beginning exclude meals with sugar (Fruits with sugar elements) also avoid eating saturated fat. Add more vegetables to grains and start eating the meal with proteins.

Manage Diabetes After 60


Get moving and stay active

Not a wackadoodle? Need not to jump off the cliff, keep moving, instead of taking lifts, climb stairs, and move around, sitting all day long will increase depressing enzymes quickly. Make a habit of doing exercises such as bicycling, walking, yoga, resistance bands, and swimming, which will help you take control over your glucose level, you need to work on weight and stay strong. According to American Diabetes Association, exercising 30 minutes every day will help you fight easily with diabetes. Also consult with healthcare professional to know more, which exercise fits in your box.

Drink More to Stay Hydrated

Savoring water in required amount helps in overseeing blood sugar levels. Studies suggest, individuals with diabetes ought to dependably drink a lot of water, which is likewise necessary to evade dehydration, and nothing can beat water in achieving your weight loss goals and intake of plenty water makes one feel full, hence drinking water additionally helps in not consuming extra calories in your day to day diet plans.

Manage Diabetes After 60


Regularly check Cholesterol and Blood Pressure levels

Diabetes ought to routinely check both circulatory strain and cholesterol to lessen the danger of strokes and coronary illness. Converse with your advisor about controlling cholesterol additionally quit smoking and furthermore avoid intake of alcohol.

Don’t forget your Medications

Individuals with type 1 are often on insulin for life-long, hence missing a single dose can lead to danger. Keep a daily dose track as per the prescription provided by your professional healthcare, an individual is going to type 2 Diabetes, it is even more important to take your medications regularly. Though it is quite easy to forget medication, so make a reminder or yourself or place them near you. While taking medications you need to follow your routine time to time. Wake-up every day at the same and same when you eat. Don’t skip your meal. Hold on to your medications and you will feel the difference.


Go For Monthly Hearing Test

As we begin to age, hearing loss is commonly seen and much more frequently heard with older individuals with diabetes. Over the passing time hearing loss begins to turn worse, also it is very hard to recognize hearing problems. Talk to your healthcare professional, as you feel problems in hearing the talks with your friends, family or go for the test to avoid critical consequences.

Manage Diabetes After 60


Stay Happy and Reduce Stress

The individual with diabetes may consider them a bit week than others, which at times may make them feel sad, as diabetes diagnosis a painful experience for many. All you can do for yourself is to generate a feeling to overcome those negative stress levels. Ironically people with diabetes live much healthier life than a normal person, as they follow a regimented routine in their day to day lives.

Always find ways to stay happy, walking every day should be on your top priority list, get plenty of sleep, Yoga helps in reducing stress, so join a class for your betterment. Develop a sense of being confident with your daily plans and do whatever it takes to keep yourself calm.


One can manage their diabetes even after 60 by following above-mentioned tips. With adopting a balanced day to day life one can surely control their Diabetes, though it is a complex condition, overcoming and managing it under professional care with the main focus on exercise, diet, and overall lifestyle, can lead you to live a healthier life.

Nowadays there are many Diabetes applications available on mobile phones, which also guides in managing diabetes also helps in tracking your day to day meal plans. All you need is to take a healthy and positive step towards controlling diabetes. For more information feel free to comment down your queries.

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