10 tips to lower your lipid profile naturally?

Reason For Lowering Lipid Level

In recent times, odd lifestyle, food habits, and other processed foods are the main reason for increasing lipid level in your body. Cholesterol in our body is useful for the proper functioning of nerves, cells, and hormones. But over the time excess accumulation of cholesterol leads to the risk of heart attack and stroke. There are several medicines that help in controlling lipid level, still, many people like to get a natural way of remedies. Therefore here are some natural ways to reduce lipid levels in your body.

Natural Ways to Reduce Lipid Levels

It’s true that extensive workout and exercise can keep your body in shape and active, but your diet and nutrition also influence your well-being overall. It also controls your cholesterol and lipid level. Therefore, natural ways to reduce your lipid level, mostly includes natural foods and healthy diets. On the other hand, home remedies are often beneficial when it comes to treatment of various diseases without any side effect.

  1. Allow Vegetables and Seasonal Fruits In Your Diet

Fresh and green vegetables, as well as fruits, help to control your lipid level in your body. Due to the presence of fiber, sterols in seasonal fruits you can eradicate the risk of heart attack and stroke and lower your cholesterol level as well. So add plums, green leafy veggies, orange, strawberries and carrots in your food to reduce the lipid level in your body naturally. These things possess substantial benefits to decrease lipid level.


  1. Unsaturated Fats Can Help

Those unsaturated oils can reduce your lipid level in a drastic way. Unsaturated oils like olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil can provide benefits to your body rather than refined oil as a medium of cooking. You can use flax seeds, almonds, and soybeans as well to make your diet rich in unsaturated fat.

  1. Go for Whole Grain

Include whole grains like oats, wheat to acquire the most effective way of reducing lipid levels in your body. The fibers in these things act as a binding medium in your intestine, and Including whole grains like wheat, oats, and barley is one of the most effective natural ways to reduce lipid levels in your body. They contain fiber and protects your body against the absorption of high cholesterol as decreases body lipid level.

4.Red Yeast Rice

The monacolins in red yeast rice help your body to absorb cholesterol at an optimum level. Therefore, it is highly essential to include red yeast rice in your meal to minimize the lipid level in your body if you want to lower its level naturally.


  1. Say No To Dreadful Sugar

Excessive sugar is truly dangerous to your body as it boosts cholesterol level. So you can opt for complex carbs instead of simple sugar. You can also choose whole grain products, and brown rice to get rid of the sugar to control your lipid level.

6.Garlic and Onion

Garlic holds the extraordinary quality to lower your cholesterol level and one of the most beneficial ways to reduce your lipid level. So you can eat raw garlic on an empty stomach every morning to witness its effectiveness. You can also take onion juice with 2 drops of honey daily for around two weeks to witness the result.

7.Goodbye To Extra Weight

Obesity is the most significant aspect of high lipid level and high cholesterol. So try to lose those extra weights by putting extra effort and proper workout. Burn your calories, and put off those sweat in the gym. Make yourself in those physical activities, and change your diet and maintain that regularly. Figure out that actual weight for your body. And try to achieve that goal. It is sure that with a proper weight you can control the lipid level of your body.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is injurious. And this is the fact. It is quite dreadful to your whole body. So it is quite obvious that it has a bad effect on your lipid level as well. Therefore, it is best to quit smoking to reduce your lipid level naturally. Without smoking, you can control your HDL level, and improve the function of your heart rate and blood pressure and avoid the risk of heart attacks as well.

  1. Stay Active

Ongoing lifestyle and lack of physical activities expose us to the risk of heart diseases. To regulate your lipid profile you do need a healthy lifestyle. So try to achieve a good physical and emotional health for better stability and regulation of your lipid level. Maintain your social circle and keep yourself active in your day to day life. Do whatever you like, but stay emotionally fit always.

10.Channelize your Stress

Daily life encircles routine works and loads of responsibilities. So to control your lipid level, keep yourself fit and out of stress, pass your time in gardening, social get together, cooking, playing cards and last but not the least reading. Keep up your energy level with outings and healthy breaks so that you can reduce your lipid level naturally.


The Bottom Line

With these natural ways you can reduce lipid levels in your body, but along with that, it is quite crucial to monitor your health and condition regularly. You can access your lipid profile with various blood tests. If you don’t see any sort of changes, then you have to go for medical treatment as soon as possible. Cholesterol holds many important functions in the body, but if it goes beyond control then it can clog arteries and leads to heart diseases.

If your cholesterol is more than the required level then there will be a high risk of cardiovascular diseases. So always opt for unsaturated fats, soluble fibers to increase your good HDL and decrease unwanted LDL. If you want to regulate your lipid level, then keep much effort on exercise, weight loss program, and physical activities. And the most important thing is to avoid smoking strictly. And check your cholesterol level regularly by your physician, so that you can get the proper knowledge on your lipid profile.

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