List Of Chinese Food Good For Your Health

You have never thought of Chinese food to be one of the healthiest options. Well, go for authentic Chinese cuisine. It is something you must opt for its richness and nutrients.  You may find several dishes having high nutritional value and sodium. But it can have the opposite effect on your health. So, when you want to have healthy diets pick an authentic Chinese recipe or a restaurant. Read more to understand the top healthy Chinese meals. Those meals are delicious and healthy at the same time.

The dietary guidelines specify that consuming 2,300 milligrams of salt a day is essential. Salt is the source of mineral and bodily functions. Many Chinese meals can exceed this limit just after having a single meal. When the sodium quantity increases, it can cause trouble for our health. It risks the issue with heart, skin, body weight, and blood pressure.

Chinese Food is packed with Nutrients

The Chinese meals are packed with ingredients that have hidden calories. Each recipe has its own advantages. Check out the list of Chinese food that can have a positive impact on your health.

Vegetable Dumplings

Try this Chinese recipe that contains vegetable in it. Use all-purpose flour to make the dumpling wraps. And add some chopped cabbage and leafy greens. Steam it for 15 minutes. And it’s ready to serve, try it as a starter. If you don’t like the plain taste, dip them in chili sauce. This will create a delicious taste. But, also ensure to keep the portion and quantity in check.

Healthy Soups

Choose the taste of the soup of your choice. Opt for wonton, egg drop, or hot and sour taste. These flavors generally range from 100 calories per cup. The broth of the soup helps you in filling your stomach. Thus, you won’t feel the need of having heavier dishes. This means you can easily hold on the extra calories and fat in your body.

Moo Shu Vegetables

The Moo Shu vegetables are served with hoisin sauce and offer a thin packaging for wrapping. You can include as many vegetables as you like. Such as cabbage, mushroom, carrots, chestnuts, cashews, bamboo shoots along with diced eggs. For additional flavor, you can add the carbohydrates levels and replace them with lettuces for wraps.


The best stir-fries can be made with broccoli, shrimp/Chicken with snow peas. This is the most preferred Chinese food. When you pair it with lean protein then it creates a more fiber-rich taste. Hence this meal is even filling. Generally, the stir-fries are dipped in a sauce with salt, sugar, and oil.

Kung Pao Chicken

Chinese Food

If you want to try some spicy and healthy Chinese food then try this entrée. It is a combination of mixes with chili peppers, chicken and veggies. Kung pao chicken is consumed with rice. For a healthy purpose, you can have a half cup of brown rice. Hence, this way you can keep your calories on check below 600.

You can include peanuts in your dish. Peanuts act as a natural booster. They are loaded with healthy fiber, unsaturated fat, and antioxidants. But be careful while adding it. Like other Cheese, it is also high in sodium.

Buddha’s Delight

This is also a famous Chinese food. It contains a wide assortment of veggies. You can choose the veggies according to your taste. Such as mushrooms, carrots, green leafy, cabbage, and water chestnuts. They offer a variety of taste and flavor including a good amount of vitamins.

The meal also contains protein-rich tofu that lets you stay full and eat less. You can stir-fry this recipe in a sauce according to your taste. Or, if you want a light dish then try it with the sauce on the side.

Moo Goo Gai Pan

The food that contains a lot of veggies is always a healthy food option. Moo Goo Gai Pan is one such recipe. It consists of stir-fried chicken along with mushroom and other balanced meals. This is the specialty of the dish that contains a lot of nutrients in it. Moreover, vegetables are always good and healthy options. For more added flavor, try with lean chicken, veggies, mushrooms mixed together. This mixture has high sugar fats in it.

Broccoli Beef

Brocolli beef is the superfood. It is very rich in vitamin C. The veggie plays an important role in the whole recipe. On total, it offers only 150 calories. Thereby, it is a smart choice to try this recipe. It is also the best Chinese dish. As it is low in sodium and contains fewer fats as compared with other dishes. It contains 520 mg sodium and 7 grams of fat. Hence, this dish can be a smart option to include in your weekly diet.

Also, you can include steamed brown rice. Add it as your side dish. This will make your meal more filling and within 600 calories.

Stay Healthy

Therefore, you can easily stay healthy if you consume these above Chinese foods. The traditional Chinese dishes are best for your health. Thus, it offers about 20% protein. While preparing the Chinese dishes, ensure that you emphasis more on vegetable and salt mixture well.

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