Know The Reasons Behind Your Sudden Hair Fall

It is a fact that men may lose their hair more as compared to women. But sudden hair fall and thinning of hair are affected in both the gender. This is something that can lose a person’s self-esteem. Hence, it even demoralizes them. But, if you want to find the reason why this happens, then there is no single reason that justifies it.

Hair fall can range from general to temporary problem. The cause can be due to several problems. The problems may include vitamin deficiency, stress, unhygienic food and more. This can affect both men and women largely that can even cause baldness. Read the article to know about various reasons behind your sudden hair fall.

Facts Provided by Institution

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reveals that 80 million people have hair loss. This is due to hereditary reasons. It starts with thinning and slowly affects the scalp or your entire body which is known as alopecia.

Luckily, the world has evolved with many inventions and medical advancements. Hence, there are many ways and treatments available that can reduce your hair loss.

What Causes Hair Fall?

Several reasons cause hair to fall. But, before analyzing the reason, you must determine the underlying cause for your hair loss.

Hereditary or Family History

When any of the family members have baldness, it can cause in the future generations too. The family baldness will pass into its genes. Hence, you may start noticing baldness with age. Few sex hormones can also trigger hereditary hair loss. The process begins as you hit puberty.

Pregnant Women

Hair Fall

Pregnancy is a condition when you go through a lot of phases. And stress is one of the most common feelings faced by pregnant women. Due to stress during pregnancy, one can face hair loss in bulk. The pregnancy-related hair loss occurs post-pregnancy phase. Meaning after delivery of the baby one suffers sudden hair fall.

So, if you experience such hair loss after pregnancy, do not panic. It will become normal in some time. Thus, your hair will start growing back in a couple of months.

Overdoing Vitamin A

Supplements that contain vitamin A can cause a huge hair loss as side effects. The American Academy of Dermatology has recommended the daily value for vitamin A. It should be 5,000 International Units (IU) per day for adults and kids of above 4 years of age. While the daily supplements for vitamin A can range from 2,500 to 10,000 IU. So, if you take these supplements in excess, then you could risk some hair strands falling out.

However, there is a good part of it. By controlling the intake of vitamin A, you will have reversible effects. It will prevent the cause of your hair loss. Hence, your hair continues to grow naturally.

Sudden Loss of Weight

A sudden loss of weight can be the most dreadful situation. It can also lead to thinning of hair. Even if the weight loss is good for you, but sudden hair fall is not. This happens because you put your body through unnecessary stress. To lose weight, you start avoiding certain healthy foods. The deficiency of certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies may also be the reason.

Hair fall is the most noticeable sign caused by weight loss. And other problems may include anorexia or bulimia.

Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment

Few drugs and medications are available that can beat cancer-causing cells. This problem can also cause several other problems including sudden hair fall. Chemotherapy is a serious therapy. It destroys the dividing of cancerous cells. This also affects the dividing cells of the hair.

After this therapy is completed, your hair starts growing naturally. But with a different texture.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Some women may suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome. This is also known as PCOS in short. It is the result of an imbalance in male and female sex hormones. It happens when an excess of androgens is present in the body. This can cause problems including ovarian cysts, gain in weight, risk of diabetes, menstrual period changes, infertility, and hair thinning.

The male hormone is present excessively in PCOS. Thus, it causes women to experience more facial and body hair.

By treating the PCOS, you can correct the hormone and reverse the changes including hair fall. It includes lifestyle changes. It starts with a new diet, exercise, birth control pills, and treatments of infertility or diabetes risk.

Work on the Right Treatment of Hair Fall

Thus, if you have sudden hair fall because of any of the above issues then you must get treatment of that related problem. You can start controlling your hair fall with the right treatment. Spread the message to your friends and family as well. Hence, it will help them to opt for the right treatment once they know their reason for hair loss.

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