Know About the Myths and Facts of Diabetes

Everyone is not aware of the myths and facts of diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where a person’s body stops creating insulin. While in some cases, the body stops using the produced insulin. It is called high sugar or glucose level. In India, almost 7% of the people are suffering from this disease. Diabetes has become quite common and popular. But, only a few people are aware of the actual facts related to diabetes. People generally follow the well-accepted myths as facts. One should take the advice of a doctor in case of doubt. The myths can mislead a person suffering from diabetes. Also, it can create additional strain for everyone.

All the information from the internet and word of mouth is not always true. It may be hard to accept the fact behind the myth. Here, we are citing the common saying about diabetes.

Myth: Intake of excess sugar has a higher chance of diabetes.


Diabetes is not developed by sugar. People are generally confused with the idea of sugar level. The food intake is converted into glucose. And this keeps the body functioning. Thus, in a diabetic person’s body, insulin is not produced. Hence, the extra sweetness is not converted. And it stays in the blood. As a result, one can see a rise in glucose or sugar levels.

On the safer side, the diabetic person should cut off the processed foods. Processed foods have a lower nutrition value.

Myth: A diabetic person should have a particular diet regime. One should not skip the diet plan.


There is no particular diet chart for a diabetic person. They should eat what everyone is advised to eat. A diabetic person should take care of the extra carbs in their diet. It is advised to include fruits, vegetables, and cereals in a diet. In this case, myths and facts of diabetes go hand in hand.

The diet chosen should be balanced enough. It should have all the vitamins and minerals in the right amount. The same diet is suggested for a normal person. To keep themselves healthy, the diet regime is a must for everyone.

Myth: Diabetic person should consume sugar-free products (like sugar-free sweeteners).


Normal food available in the market is much better. For example, one can see a box of sugar-free cereal with a normal one. The list of ingredients will belong to the box. The ingredients can make your stomach go bad. Further, the calorie content of the sugar-free box is high.

It is suggested to have normal cereals. Sugar-free products do nothing good for your health. Rather, the sweeteners are costly.

Myth: Diabetes is a problem for fat/obese people only.

Myths and Facts of Diabetes


A normal-weight person can have a high glucose level. Contrary to this, overweight may be healthier and non-diabetic. The statistical report says that 20% of diabetic patients are of normal weight.

Yes, the increase in weight raises the chances of diabetes. Thus, one should maintain their health. It can be done through regular exercise and a healthy diet regime. Cut down the excess calories from your food.

Myth: One should take medicine only when the glucose level is high. At normal glucose levels, one can skip the medicine.


The sugar level can be managed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People can control their weight as well with it. But, insulin imbalance is a lifetime problem. It develops at any stage of life. Do not skip the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Don’t stick to one way of treatment. Continue to follow your medicine with healthy food. Keep changing your diet regime. It will help you to include all types of healthy food in your diet. Stay healthy and fit with a disciplined schedule.

Myth: Some people are diagnosed with pre-diabetes. They always consider they are healthy and not diabetic.


In the case of pre-diabetes, the glucose level is at borderline. Meaning, production of insulin is just at the borderline. In this case, one has a high risk of having diabetes at a later stage of life. In most of the case, it turns into type 2 diabetes. People with high and borderline glucose levels should start controlling their levels. Both should be equally conscious about the diet plan. Further, these people have the chance to normalize the sugar level.

Borderline diabetes is an alarming call to start with a healthy regime. A small ignorance can turn the tables. Thus, keep track of your health to be disease-free.

Myth: A person with no family history can’t get diabetes. Many people consider diabetes as a genetic disorder.


Diabetes is not a genetic disorder. But, the chances to develop are high. People with a family history might have fewer chances of being detected with the disease. But, this is not the only responsible factor. Some people without any family background may develop it. Contrary to this, people with a family history can have a normal level.

Women with gestational diabetes might affect a baby in other ways. An infant born to a diabetic mother might also suffer from heart problems with other deficiencies as well. Always try to control your sugar level while you are expecting.

Know the Truth

Myths are more in number and popular than facts of diabetes. Often, people have extra stress due to myths. One should take suggestions from doctors.

Thus, after knowing about the myths and facts of diabetes, spread the message to all. It will help people to get the right treatment.

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