Is caffeine good for your kidneys

The Effects of caffeine on Kidney

Coffee is a brewed drink from roasted coffee beans. Coffee contains caffeine that improves mental is the most consumed drug worldwide. It is used as stimulants by athletes. Coffee if something you can not resist but, when it comes to your health, must watch your intakes. However; it must be, taken within limits. It works by stimulating the central nervous system, heart, etc.

Advantages of Coffee-

  • Improves mental awareness.
  • Treats migraine headaches.
  • Treats asthma.
  • gallbladder diseases.
  • Treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Treats liver cirrhosis.
  • Treat Hepatitis B.
  • Treats shortness of breath in newborns.
  • Creams containing caffeine help reduce the itchiness of the skin.


Disadvantages of Coffee-

  • One ruined bean can cause coffee to be toxic, adversely affecting the health.
  • 10-13 grams of caffeine intake in a short period of time is lethal and can even go to the extent of causing death.
  • Caffeine can cause insomnia and restlessness.
  • During pregnancy; it’s intake must be, restricted as it reaches the foetus and might not be healthy for the baby to grow.
  • Caffeine intake is prohibited for people with a high level of cholesterol.


It, causes a sudden fall in blood pressure, thus increasing the risk of kidney diseases. The rate of functioning of kidney declines with the continuous high amount intake of it. Excessive caffeine must be restricted. Anyone with a chronic kidney disease must immediately limit the consumption of coffee as the milk added to coffee increases the level of potassium and phosphorus content of the coffee; which are easily, absorbed in by the body. Prolonged exposure to caffeine deteriorates the function of kidneys on humans. Thus the answer to the question, Is Caffeine Good for Kidney?, is quite definitely no.

However; caffeine has not, shown to cause any change in the course of patients with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease).

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